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Dear friends, today we are going to tell you here how you make an agreement to get any work done. If you get any work done by another person and give him a contract to get that work done, then you have to sign an agreement between that person and you so that if there is any problem in the future or the contractor will complete the work If you refuse, you can complain against him.


By whom is the agreement paper written?

While making an agreement, note that by whom the agreement is being made, it is normally done by the agreement contractor, you can contact the lawyer for more information.

At the time of making the agreement, the contractor writes its terms inside it, in which complete information is written about how the contractor will complete your work, in addition to it all the terms are shown.

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The contractor’s conditions should be fully understood before making the agreement.

If you are going to give the vaccine to any person to work, then you first have to know from him the complete conditions, how much work he will do and in how much time he will complete the work.

And after this, you tell him about all your saints, how you want to do your work, and the agreement paper is prepared only after the consent of both.

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How much rupee agreement paper is made on stamp paper.

If you are generally preparing stamp paper by yourself and giving contract to someone for simple work, then you can use stamp paper ranging from ₹ 10 to ₹ 100 for this stamp paper keeping both sides in mind. It is prepared in which all the words and conditions of both the sides are written last time.

Give complete details of money in agreement paper?

Whenever you talk about the agreement with any person, first of all, you should get complete information about the amount of money that he will take from you to do the work and under which installments he will have to pay it.

If it comes to giving such a thing first, then you can refuse it because when the work starts, its money is paid to the contractor in the form of installments.

How to transact money?

You can do the entire transaction of money in check or you can do online transactions so that the money that is there will be able to reach the contractor’s account correctly and if the time is to give it a form then easily remove the bank account statement It can be certified that the contractor has taken the money.

What is written on stamp paper?

By the way, you should get the complete details of writing in the stamp paper, once you get the information from the lawyer, but if you are preparing a simple agreement, then you can prepare your agreement paper by filling the basic information given below, which is in the normal place. Works on

Which works are normally done in agreement paper?

In order to make a generality agreement paper, you can get your agreement paper made keeping in mind the following work: Normally the following work is included in this category. These tasks are in the form of small work, if there is a big work then for this The help of a consultant lawyer is taken.

1- Contracting a small house.
2- Getting the paint done
3- Getting any contractor to do the wage work.
4- Get the house repaired.
5- Get some things washed.
6- etc.

Agreement kaise banaye

Contract (contract)

Ikarnarnama has been written by ______ Tanay Sri ______ Resident Village ______ District _______ Uttar Pradesh Baran which will be further addressed in Ikkaranama (by first party) to Shri _______ Tanay Sri ______ Resident Village ______, District _______ Uttar Pradesh Varan who will be further forwarded in this contract This will be addressed in the form of a second party plot located on ________ road near village _______ I petrol pump whose construction has been contracted by the first party. This construction work will be completed as per the following conditions.

Terms and Conditions of Contract Letter

  • The construction work of the house, which will be initially completed by the first party in the form of filling the cable chair and building the foundation, which will be done by the first party at ₹ 40 per square feet.
  • If the second party goes ahead with the same work and gets the entire building constructed and this work is given to the first party continuously, then this work will be done according to ₹ 138 per square foot.
  • In building construction, the entire width and length of the plot will be worked in 20 * 50 = 1000 square fit.
  • The foundation of the house will be constructed according to the map given by the second party.
  • In the work of filling this chair, pillars of columns will be dug and pillars will be placed in them, the depth of which will be 4 feet.
  • The building chair will be placed 2 feet higher than the level of the road.
  • After the chair is filled, the entire insurance will be filled, after which the label will be filled after filling it.
  • All the equipment used in the above work such as shuttering, tank, bucket, goeti, shovel, pharma, mare, ball, slab, etc. will be the first party own.
  • Once the work starts, it will run continuously and it will be completed on time.
  • As long as the work goes on, the first party will continue its entire frying.
  • The first material to be built by the second party should be provided to the first party such as ballast, sand, sawdust, brick, cement, boulder.
  •  In the construction of the building, the first party has taken the entire contract chair filling column, plinth beam, which will be paid as ₹ 40000.
  • The first installment will be given to the first party after digging the pillar pit and the last installment will be given after the beam is filled.


  • In the health direction of the retarded senses, without any pressure or request, it was mentioned that the work should be done during the evening.


date                                                                                     First party signature second party signature


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