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CSC Fastag Apply, CSC Fastag Registration,SBI FasTag Card, FASTAG MAPPING WITH RTO, FASTAG MAPPING WITH RTO Work Start On CSC Portal

Another great news is coming out for CSC Jan Seva Kendra operators. For those who want to avail of CSC Jan Seva Kendra operators CSC FASTAG service, they can get maximum profit by mapping their CSC center from RTO office. And earn a decent amount from your CSC center.

So, we are going to tell you the complete information of how you will make profit here and how you are going to do RTO mapping, we are also going to give you information here, so please read the entire information from start to finish.


CSC fastag Registration

Service  CSC Fastag Service Apply
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This is a big golden opportunity for the CSC Jan Seva Kendra operators. No vehicle will be able to run without FastTech from 1 Janbari in India as FasTag has been made mandatory for all. Therefore, the CSC center operators will be able to earn maximum profits by activating more and more fastag in their house, which will benefit them more and more.

Fastag VLE Commission

If you create FASTag from your CSC portal, then you are given a commission of ₹ 50 on top of each Fastrack. Fastrake’s commission is received only after you purchase a Fastag Card. The cost of the card is ₹ 50 and you have to sell this fastag for ₹ 100 i.e. you get ₹ 50 commission on the sale of each FASTag.

Fastag  Recharge VLE Commission 

Apart from this, when you recharge Fastrack, you are given some commission on top of each recharge, which is given below.

Bank Type CSC VLE Share For Tag Insurance Tag Recharge VLE Commission VLE’s Share-Top-Up Commission For CSC
State Bank Of India 25.00 1% Of Value Subject To Minimum 5.00 Rs And Max 50.00 (Minimum Top-Up 200.00 Rs.) 80.00% Of Top-Up Commission Value
HDFC Bank 25.00 1% Of Value Subject To Minimum 5.00 Rs And Max 50.00 (Minimum Top-Up 200.00 Rs.) 80.00% Of Top-Up Commission Value
PayTM 25.00 1% Of Value Subject To Minimum 5.00 Rs And Max 50.00 (Minimum Top-Up 200.00 Rs.) 80.00% Of Top-Up Commission Value

CSC Fastag Benefits

  • Using the CSC Fastag Card is much easier and easier, you can use it easily.
  • If you have become a CSC Fastag, you can recharge it at home.
  • Fastag saves fuel and time because the cost amount naturally cuts when the vehicle moves towards the cost class.
  • After the CSC makes FASTAG, you will not have to line up at the toll plaza, for this a separate special line is made.
  • You can also add your local monthly pass from your CSC FASTag.
  • The government has made FASTag mandatory from 1 January 2021
  • Credit only installment CSC FASTag customers do not owe money for cost exchanges, and do not insist on collecting specific changes.
  • Limited Time Cashback – All CSC FASTag customers get one month for 2.5% cashback on cost exchanges till March 31, 2020.
  • Quick Travel Auto-Charge through CSC Fastag empowers quick travel through fixed class to a fixed amount.
  • Online CSC FASTag can be activated online through Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking / IMPS etc.
  • The SMS alarm is provided immediately after using this service.

CSC FASTAG csc fastag registration

CSC Fastag Service Online Registration

If you want to create a Fastag card under the CSC portal, then you must first register for it, for the complete information of how to register, you carefully read the information given below.

  • To register Fastag registration, first login to Digital Service Portal.
  • After the portal login, search fastag service in the search box.
  • After searching the Fastag Card service, double click and open it.
  • Now you have to first select the option of Fastag Card service registration.
  • Now a registration form will open in front of you.
  • You will have to fill all the information in this form.
  • After successfully filling now, the application will have to be submitted.
  • In this way you will be registered for fast service and now you can use fastag service.

Buy Fastag Card In CSC

Before making a fastag card, you have to buy fastag card, we are going to tell you the complete information of how to buy the card, so read the information given below carefully.

  • If you are making Fastag from CSC Common Service Center, then you must first buy Fastag.
  • To purchase FastTrack, first of all you have to login to FastTrack service through CSC portal.
  • After logging the Fastag portal, you have to click on the By Fastag card.
  • After this, you have to enter the number of fastacs you want to buy.
  • After this, at which address you have to take this pasta, he will have to enter his full address.
  • After entering the complete address, you will have to pay the Fastag Card from CSC portal.
  • After successful payment, your Fastag Card will be ordered.
  • Within 10 to 15 days this Fastag Card will be sent to your CSC Center.
  • Now you can activate Fastag Card from your CSC portal and give Fastag service to the people.
  • e Fastag card according to the amount given by the customer

CSC Fastag Card Apply?

  • To create Fastag from CSC portal, first of all you have to login to your CSC portal.
  • After successfully logging into the CSC portal, you have to search the Fastag service and login.
  • Now you have to click on the button of New Fastag Registration after this.
  • And now you have to register fastag by giving all the information of the vehicle here.
  • After this, register the Fastag Card you want to register here.
  • And now paste this fasttrack on the vehicle and it will start working.
  • The Fastag Card activates immediately and starts working.
  • Now you can also recharge inside the Fastag Card.
  • Recharge the Fastag card according to the amount given by the customer

How To Map CSC Center With RTO Office To Provide Fastag Service.

  • First login to the CSC portal with your user ID and password
  • After the successful login of CSC Digital Service Portal, go to fastag service and register yourself there
  • After successfully filling the information, submit your application, after which your
  • information will be sent for verification and your center will be mapped with your RTO office.
  • After which you can easily earn good profits by taking advantage of CSC fastag service.

csc fastag registration

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