CSC ID CARD,CSC Certificate Download,CSC identity card 2022

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Friends, as you may know, there is a large network of CSCs across India. And CSC is playing a big role in the field of e-governance across India, in such a situation, if you also have a CSC Center Public Service Center and you are taking advantage of all these things by serving people in your village / city area.

So today we are going to tell you here how you can download your CSC certificate. And if you have not yet applied for CSC, then you can apply for CSC by clicking on the link given below.

CSC certificate download important fact

Article name ? CSC Certificate Download
service provider? CSC e governance India Limited
Beneficiary? CSC VLE
CSC certificate download? Click Here
official website? Click Here

CSC Certificate Download

If you run a CSC center, then if you do not have a certificate from your CSC center, today we are going to tell you in this post how can you download the CSC certificate of your center!

After downloading it, you take out the printout and after laminating it, place it at your center and it is a Valid CSC Certificate.

Which officially confirms your CSC center, then friends, let us know how you will download your CSC center certificate?

CSC Identity Card All CSC VLE

Another great news has come out from CSC for all the Common Service Center operators, now all the Common Service Center Operators can download their official CSC identity card which is issued with the CSC logo and it is officially valid. Is

If you want to know how you will do your CSC identity card, then for that we are going to tell you the whole process below, through which you can easily DOWNLOAD your CSC ID CARD.

CSC ID Card Download Online Full Process

  • To download the CSC ID Card, follow the following procedure.
  • First of all, you go to the official website of CSC register, we have↙️ given the link here. 
  • After successfully opening the website, you will see the option of My Account here.
  • You have to click on my account option.
  • After clicking on My Account, another page will appear in front of you.
  • You have to enter your CSC ID here and after that enter the captcha code.
  • After filling the captcha code, you will have to do KYC verification with your fingerprint.
  • After KYC verification, your account will be logged in front of you.
  • Now you will see the ID card option in the last here, you have to click on it.
  • After this, your ID card will appear in front of you, you have to download your CSC ID card from here.
  • After this you can print this CSC identity card on top of any of your papers.

CSC Certificate Download free CSC Certificate Download

Online CSC ID Card Download Training Video

If you are unable to download your CSC ID card by understanding the above information, then we are giving you the video below, watch it carefully and download your CSC ID card.



CSC Certificate Online Download / CSC Certificate Download

  • Dear CSC center operator, to download your CSC certificate, you must first click on this link.↙️
    After this, a website will open in front of you. Let me tell you the process step by step.
  • First open the website by clicking on the link.
  • After this, a new page will open in front of you in which you will be asked for your Aadhaar number and your reference number.
  • When you have applied for this reference number, you will have received a reference number or reference number
  • on your email.
  • If you have noted it, then you put it here with your Aadhaar number.
  • After this you have to fill captcha code below.
  • After that you submit it.
  • After this, your CSC certificate will be downloaded in front of you, which you can print and apply at your shop.


Important questions related to CSC ID card and certificate?

Q. What is a CSC ID Card?

All CSC center operators need an CSC identity card to reveal their identity, so it will also serve as an identity card to identify that it is a CSC Common Service Center operator.

Q. What is the need for a CSC ID card?

As you know, lockdown is going on all over India right now. In such a situation, if you are asked for identity from somewhere, then you can show your identity card there and can tell that you are running a CSC center. Along with this, this Identity Card can be used in many important places.

Q. What is a CSC certificate?

CSC certificate is a kind of license of CSC center, which certifies that you are licensed to open a common service center. And you are providing all government and non-government services connected to the Common Service Center at your center.

Q. What is the difference between CSC Certificate and CSC ID Card?

The CSC ID card identifies the common service center operator, while your shop is identified by the CSC certificate that you are running an authorization shop.

Q. How much does it cost to get a CSC ID card?

No fee is charged from you for obtaining a CSC ID card. To download it, you have to login your CSC My Account option and download it from there.

Q. Will this ID card be considered completely valid?

Yes, this ID card has been issued by CSC, it is completely valid.

Q. If our CSC identity card is lost somewhere, can we get it again?

Yes, if your CSC identity card is lost or falls somewhere, then you can download and print it again.

Q. If we want to open a new Common Service Center, what will be done for it?

If you want to open a new common service center, for this you will have to go to the CSC registration website and apply for it, we have explained its procedure in detail, for this you click on the link given above.

Q. Is the common service center operator also getting the job to improve Aadhaar card?

Yes! All those people who are working as a bank friend can do the work of improving Aadhaar, its work has been given to CSC.


CSC ID CARD,CSC Certificate Download,CSC identity card 2020


what is CSC id Card ?

All CSC VLEs are given a CSC ID card which is identified by

ho can download CSC Certificate?

All CSC Center Operators Can Download Their CSC Certificate

Is there any fee to download CSC certificate?

No, CSC certificate is completely free, there is no charge to download it.

Where is CSC certificate used?

You can use CSC certificate to open a current account in any bank, you cannot use it as an identity|

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