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Bihar Badh Rahat Sahayata Yojana 2022 has been started by the Bihar government for all the farmer brothers if you are also in the grip of floods. And you have lost more and more. So the government will provide assistance for you. How to apply for Bihar Badh Rahat sahayata Yojana and what is its process. We will tell you about it here.


Who will get the benefit of Bihar Badh Rahat Sahayata Yojana ?

Bihar Badh Rahat Yojana has been done by the Chief Minister of Bihar state, Mr. Nitesh Kumar, in all such areas which are affected by floods. This scheme has been started to give relief from floods to all such persons. Under this scheme, a provision has been made to give a compensation amount of ₹ 6000 to the affected families. Apart from this, families who have suffered more due to floods. For example, if there is more damage to houses, animals, or crops, then the government will provide separate funds for them.

So today we are going to give you here by the Bihar government. We are going to tell about the Bihar Badh Rahat Yojana. That how you will be able to apply for Bihar Badh Rahat Yojana 2022. If you want to take advantage of this scheme, then you must read our article from beginning to end so that you can avoid this problem and take advantage of Bihar flood relief ₹ 6000 amount.

Bihar Badh Rahat Yojana?

Bihar government takes special care of all the people of its state. And as you know that some areas of Bihar are prone to floods, due to which people are more affected by the floods, along with that there is also heavy damage to the crops there. And houses, houses etc. get destroyed in the flood. Along with this, animals also suffer more damage than floods. In view of all these problems, the government provides assistance in all such Badh Rahat areas and provides compensation to all the people there.

Bihar Badh Rahat Sahayata Yojana 2022

Bihar Badh Rahat Sahayata Yojana 2022: In many areas of the state, there are kutcha houses which are more affected by floods and along with this, there is loss of life and property due to floods, this problem has been seen in many areas of Bihar. The government has included these 10 districts in the Badh Rahat districts. In which East West Champaran, Kishanganj, Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur, Sitamarhi, Sheohar, Khagaria, Supaul, Gopalganj have been kept in more Badh Rahat areas because these districts have seen more flood outbreaks, along with those who are destitute families. Government will include in this scheme. All of them will be given assistance in their accounts through Direct Benefit Transfer.

Main Objectives of Bihar Badh Rahat Yojana?

The government has made a plan to provide special assistance scheme in all the Badh Rahat areas of Bihar state. The government has made an objective to include all those small families or small poor farmers, 10 districts of the state who are most affected will be able to get benefits through this flood relief assistance scheme 2022 and will be able to run their living properly.

The main objective of this scheme is to provide assistance to the people affected by the floods. So that he can get rid of problems like starvation. And along with it the families who have suffered loss of life and property. Aid can be made available to them. Here the government will distribute the assistance amount of ₹ 6000 in all such affected areas.

Bihar Flood Relief ₹6000 Financial Assistance Scheme 2022

With the start of Bihar Badh Rahat  Yojana 2022, the main objective of the Bihar government will be to get rid of the problems people face financially and in their living. Through the Bihar Badh Rahat sahayata Yojana, to provide assistance to the backward and poor families of your state or to the farmer brothers. So that he can live his life properly.

What are the main points of Bihar Badh Rahat sahayata Yojana?

Scheme Name:? –  Bihar Badh Rahat sahayata Yojana
Issues the plan? – Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar
Beneficiary:? – Citizen of Bihar
State ?- Bihar
Objective:? – To provide relief to the Badh Rahat family

Benefits of Bihar Badh Rahat sahayata Yojana?

  • Through this scheme, compensation amount will be provided to the families in the affected areas of Bihar state.
  • Under this scheme, the government has decided to give ₹6000 assistance to the families who come from the Badh Rahat areas.
  • In areas of the state that have caused the most damage and have caused more damage to houses, crops, or livestock
  • It has been planned to provide separate assistance to those who have suffered loss of life and property.
  • Under this scheme, the government will prepare a list of all the families that are covered under this scheme.

Bihar Badh Rahat sahayata Yojana

Bihar Badh Rahat sahayata Yojana Documents Required?

If you want to take advantage of Bihar Badh Rahat Yojana 2022 launched by the Government of Bihar, then you must have the following documents.

  • Aadhar Card
  • identity card
  • bank passbook
  • passport size photo
  • Badh Rahat area information
  • copy of Khasra Khatauni
  • Address proof
  • The area you are applying from should be flood-affected.

Eligibility of Bihar Badh Rahat sahayata Yojana?

If you are applying in Bihar Badh Rahat Yojana, then some eligibility has been kept for it, if you fall in the category of these, then only you will be given the benefit of Bihar Badh Rahat sahayata Yojana amount, whose information is given below.

  • You must be a resident of Bihar state.
  • The applicant should be from the Badh Rahat area.
  • Your assistance amount will be decided according to the land or crop.
  • The districts where there has been less damage will be given less amount.
  • If your district is not placed in the Badh Rahat district then you will not get the benefit of the scheme.
  • It is necessary to have a bank account to take advantage of Bihar flood relief assistance scheme.
  • If your family comes completely in the Badh Rahat area then you will be fully covered in this scheme.

Bihar flood relief compensation amount details ?

Here we are going to tell you the information about how much compensation will be provided by the Bihar government in the Bihar Badh Rahat sahayata Yojana.

  • A benefit of ₹ 6000 will be given to all the families affected by the Bihar floods.
  • A sum of ₹ 3000 if cow, buffalo, goat, pig is sixth.
  • Two thousand rupees for damage to utensils
  • 95000 on pucca house or kutcha house
  • In case of complete loss of the hut, an amount of ₹ 4100
  • In case of crop loss, Rs 6800 per hectare by the government.
  • ₹25000 for loss of horse
  • Maximum ₹ 5000 in case of loss of chickens
  • 1800 rupees for loss of clothes

Badh Rahat Yojana districts of Bihar state.?

In the state of Bihar, these 10 districts come in maximum Badh Rahat area because here maximum damage is caused by floods, whose names have been given to you below.

  • Sitamarhi
  • sheohar
  • Supaul
  • Kishanganj
  • Darbhanga
  • Muzaffarpur
  • Gopalganj
  • West Champaran
  • Khagaria |
  • East Champaran|

Under all these districts, 282 panchayats of total 55 blocks have been affected by the floods.

Bihar Badh Rahat Sahayata Yojana List?

For the information of how many families have been included under the Bihar Badh Rahat Sahayata Yojana, a survey will be conducted by the government in all the flood-affected areas, in which the names of all those people who have suffered maximum damage will be added. Along with this, if your crops have suffered maximum damage, then you will also be kept in the Badh Rahat area and for this the government will provide assistance to you. The list of beneficiaries of flood assistance scheme 2022 is prepared by the Lekhpal.

And along with this a camp is organized in your village. And where maximum damage has occurred, a list of all those is prepared, after the list is prepared, all those persons are considered to be Badh Rahat and money is transferred directly by the government in the account of all of them. The work of preparation is done by the land department of the district administration. So if you also want to see its list then you can see its list by Lekhpal.

How to apply Bihar Badh Rahat sahayata Yojana 2022?

To apply in this Bihar Badh Rahat Sahayata Yojana of the government, the government has set up camps in the Badh Rahat areas and its officials are investigating all the Badh Rahat areas and preparing a list of all the people who are affected by the flood. Those who have come to the area, you will be directly connected to this scheme, the workers who are working by camping in the Badh Rahat areas, they will come to you and collect complete information from you.

After that, you will be asked about what has happened to you and you will be given all the documents. After this, that officer will complete your registration, your name will be added by the camp in the flood relief assistance scheme 2022, after which you will be compensated according to the amount of loss you have suffered. The amount of compensation is directly credited to your bank account through DBT.

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