Bihar Return Registration,Book train ticket for return to Bihar

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Bihar Return Registration, Such laborers trapped outside Bihar should return to Bihar to register, a new nodal officer created. New HelpLine Nuber

Such laborers trapped outside Bihar should return to Bihar to register, a new nodal officer created.


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If you are going to reside in Bihar and you are stuck in another state due to this India lockdown, then you can register Bihar return, for this, the number of some nodal officer has been given by the Government of Bihar on which contact Bihar migrant laborers can apply to come to Bihar.

The third phase of Lok Down implemented in India.

The coronavirus has become a global epidemic and it is getting out of control. The number of coronavirus patients is increasing day by day and today their number has crossed 36000 in India. The lockdown has been extended by the government till 17 May 2020, in such a situation, the Bihar government and many state governments at their level are giving an opportunity to the trapped workers in another state to come to their state.

The laborers trapped outside Bihar have also been given relief by the Bihar government, in which some new nodal officers have been deployed by the Bihar government. Which will help to bring back the laborers of Bihar trapped in different states.

Registration will have to be done to come to Bihar.

If you are a permanent resident of Bihar and you were working in another state and because of this lock down, you do not have any work nor any means of livelihood, then you will return to Bihar to return to your state Bihar registration can do . All of you know that there are lockdowns all over India, in this way the system of traffic has been completely closed.

According to the exemption from the central government, the state government is working at its level and in such a situation, some nodal officers have been appointed by the Bihar government to help the laborers of Bihar trapped in different states to get back to their states. The information of which you can see here below.

bihar returan registration

Bihar migrant laborers to come to Bihar, do Bihar registration.

An order was issued to Bihar Patna by the Ministry of Home Affairs under which the laborers of Bihar who are trapped in another state can contact the Nodal Officer to get back to their state and get their registration done.

Note: – The request made to the workers: – The government has requested the workers who are stranded in another state, they have a system to live there, if they have full means of eating and drinking, then they should stay at the same place. They do not need to return to Bihar. At the same time, such a worker was also informed by the state government that if he is trapped in another state, his condition is very bad, then he can return to his home state to do so, he should contact the nodal officer of that state. Have to do. We will give you the information of the Nodal Officer below.

In which states are the laborers of Bihar trapped and can come out of which states.

Relief has been given by the Bihar government for the trapped laborers in some state and the government has also issued the numbers of the nodal officer from whom the workers can contact and register to return to Bihar to return to Bihar.

  • 1.  ➡️ Delhi, Himachal Pradesh Bihar Return Registration
  • 2.  ➡️ Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh Bihar Return Registration
  • 3.  ➡️ Punjab Bihar Return Registration
  • 4.  ➡️ Haryana Bihar Return Registration
  • 5.  ➡️ Rajasthan Bihar Return Registration
  • 6.  ➡️ Gujarat [ Bihar Return Registration ]
  • 7.  ➡️ Uttarakhand [ Bihar Return Registration ]
  • 8.  ➡️ Uttar Pradesh [ Bihar Return Registration ]
  • 9.  ➡️ Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh
  • 10.➡️ orisa [ Bihar Return Registration ]
  • 11.➡️ Jharkhand [ Bihar Return Registration ]
  • 12.➡️ West Bengal [ Bihar Return Registration ]
  • 13.➡️ Assam [ Bihar Return Registration ]
  • 14.➡️ Meghalaya [ Bihar Return Registration ]
  • 15.➡️Manipur [ Bihar Return Registration ]
  • 16.➡️ Nagaland [ Bihar Return Registration ]
  • 17.➡️Tripura [ Bihar Return Registration ]
  • 18.➡️Mizoram [ Bihar Return Registration ]
  • 19.➡️Arunachal Pradesh [ Bihar Return Registration ]
  • 20.➡️Sikkim [ Bihar Return Registration ]
  • 22.➡️ Andhra Pradesh, [ Bihar Return Registration ]
  • 23.➡️Telangana [ Bihar Return Registration ]

Note: – If you are stuck in the above-mentioned states, you can call and contact the nodal officer here and register your Bihar return giving an exact reason for returning to Bihar.

You can see the numbers of the nodal officer for Bihar return registration through the image below.

number Bihar Return Registration

Note: – You have to call the number of the Nodal Officer, if your call is not connected once or twice, then you should try again and again in time. While contacting the Nodal Officer, you will have to give information about which district of Bihar you are from, etc. Your full name and the address of the state where you are stranded.

As soon as a train will be run from your stranded state to Bihar, you will get the information through SMS on the registered mobile number as well as you will also be contacted by the authorities after which you will be allowed to come to Bihar and train. The ticket will also be provided to you by the officer.

Note: – If the laborers of Bihar are trapped in another state, they do not have any system to live in that state, then contact your nodal officer as soon as possible and register your return to Bihar. Also, people who have a living arrangement in other states also have a smooth means of eating and drinking, so they do not need to go anywhere while they are still in the same state. (This is just a request)

After return to Bihar, laborers will have to stay in Quarantine for 14 days.

When Bihar migrant laborers return to their village from another state, they will not be allowed to enter the village, migrant laborers will be quarantined for 14 days before entering the village.

After the quarantine, if the laborers show no signs of coronavirus, then they will be able to enter their village.

Note: Friends, if you are a laborer of Bihar, then you are being given a lot of benefits by the Government of Bihar, which we have informed from time to time through our website, then you did on our website in the last few weeks. Look at the post, it has been given many government schemes which have been run by the state government for you

Q 1. How to register Bihar return?

For the return of Bihar registration has not been done online, for this you will have to contact the Nodal Officer posted by the Government of Bihar, whoever is trapped in the state. We have given you information on how to contact the Nodal Officer and what is the number of the Nodal Officer.

Q 2. How to book train ticket for return to Bihar?

You do not need to book any train ticket for return to Bihar at present, just to return to Bihar you have to contact your nodal officer and the nodal officer will take information from you and register your Bihar return. The information about that train will be sent to you via SMS on the mobile number by the Nodal Officer when the train will be run from that state to Bihar, as well as the ticket will be provided by the Nodal Officer after reaching the station.

Q 3. Will you have to pay for Bihar return train ticket?

The migrant laborers will not have to pay any money to return to Bihar, it will be completely free by the state government.

Q 4. Will the village get entry immediately after return to Bihar?

No, if you are a Bihar migrant laborer and you go to Bihar after Bihar registration, then you will not be able to get admission in your village immediately. After going to the village border you will be kept in Quarantine for 14 days, only after completing this 14 days Quarantine, you will be able to return to your home.

Q5. Where will you get all the facilities in the 14-day quarantine?

When you return to Bihar after Bihar return registration, you are quarantined for 14 days on the boundary line of your village, in this period whatever you need or whatever facilities are required of all the head of the village. Will be completed by

➡️How to register Bihar Mazdoor Return online

Bihar laborers are the easiest way to register with the father. That you have to contact the nodal officer of Bihar state. Whose mobile number we have given you above. Along with this, you can also enter your information by contacting the helpline number. And you can register yourself as such.

➡️How will you book a train ticket to return to Bihar?

As we can tell you that there is no need to book a train ticket for return to Bihar. The government has run special trains for you. And you will get their ticket only when you contact the Nodal Officer and register yourself. When your registration is done for return to Bihar, then you will be given a train ticket from the government and you will be able to travel on these trains easily.

➡️How much money will have to be paid for taking a Bihar return train ticket?

As we can tell you that all the workers are trapped outside Bihar. The government is paying star fare to bring them out. The Bihar government has run special trains for the trapped laborers of their state and whatever expenses they have will be given by the Bihar government and the central government. The laborers do not have to pay for it.

➡️Do workers need 14 days of quarantine after coming back to Bihar?

Yes! All the workers of Bihar Raj come back to their villages. For them, action should be taken as per rules in the crisis of Coronavirus so that people can be saved from such epidemics. All the people who come back to their village. It is mandatory for them to stay at their home for 14 days. He will not meet any new person.

➡️Can any infected or sick person get approval to come back to Bihar?

No, the government approves to come back to Bihar only after thorough investigation. If you were in the coronavirus system or you have some other disease. So the government will not approve for you, because for this first you have to check. And only after investigation, you are given the approval to return to your state.

➡️Is the station also tested?

Yes! When you come to your railway station from where you have to board the train. Your thermal scanning will be done there and only then you will be approved to sit in the train. And apart from this, when you get down at your station, your thermal scanning will be done there too, only after that you will get approval to go to your village. If you are found ill in this test, you will be quarantined immediately.

➡️Can the laborer of Bihar come back without registering?

No! If he wants to return to his kingdom. So for that, he has to first contact the officials mentioned above, after that he will have to register himself to come back and when the nodal officer of the government examines him then he will be given permission to come to Bihar state.

Bihar Return Registration

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Bihar Return Registration

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