Chhattisgarh ration card | cg 2021

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Chhattisgarh ration card | cg 2021,CG Ration Card, Another big news is coming out for all the people living in Chhattisgarh.

Dear friends, if you are a resident of Chhattisgarh, then we are going to tell you here. How can you download and print your ration card and solve all the problems related to your ration card.
Here we will teach you how to solve all ration card related problems. And at the same time, how do you look at the ration card list issued by the government of Chhattisgarh? And how you want to find your name in it. The procedure is going to be told here as well.

Name of the schemeChhattisgarh Ration Card
Releases the official websiteFood Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Department Chhattisgarh.
beneficiary All residents of Chhattisgarh
ration card list Click here
official website.Click here

As you know that if you want to see Chhattisgarh Ration Card, then you have to go to your Gram Panchayat. Or, there are frequent trips to ration distribution or gram panchayats.
Many times you have to spend money by going to the computer shops. And even then you cannot see your name correctly in the ration card list. Due to this, we are going to tell you such a process here. With which you can easily see the Chhattisgarh ration card list online with the help of your mobile or computer sitting at home.
For this, you should have a mobile or computer and Internet facility. So if you have this facility available. So you must read the information given below. After reading, you will easily learn to see your name in your ration card list and avail yourself of all the services like ration card.

Check your name online in Chhattisgarh Ration Card List.

To see the ration card list of Chhattisgarh government, you have to follow the following procedure.

  • To see the Chhattisgarh Government Ration Card list, first of all visit the official website of Chhattisgarh Ration Card Department.
  • After successfully opening the website, the page shown below will appear in front of you.


  • Now you will see the options to see the ration card list in the public report here, you can see the ration card list by selecting the following options here.


  1. Panchayat Ward (Panchayat wise) for APL PDF details.
  2.   Information up to the number of APL ration cards being made (shop wise)
  3. Acknowledgment Flood (Panchayat wise) for BPL PDF distribution.
  4.   Progress Report for Ration Card Renewal (Ward Panchayat wise).
  • As soon as you select any of these options, the page shown below will open in front of you.


  • Now you have to select the following options first here.
  1. First select your district,
  2. select urban and rural,
  3. select urban body development block,
  4. select ward gram panchayat,
  • after you have selected all the information, click on view above information.
  • As soon as you click on it, the details of the ration card list will come out in front of you as shown below.

CG Ration Card,CG Ration Card,CG Ration Card

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