CSC Digital Cadet Service Launched, CSC Job, CSC vacancy online apply

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CSC Digital Cadet Service Launched, CSC Job, CSC vacancy online apply, New Digital Cadets

CSC Digital Cadet Platform Service Launched on CSC Diwas Dinesh Tyagi, Mr. Dinesh Tyagi, CEO of CSC – Common Service Center working under the IT Department of Government of India, announced the launch of CSC Digital Cadet Platform on the occasion of 11th CSC Foundation Day! Under the Digital Cadet CSC, about 20 lakh unemployed people will be employed by CSC Vle sitting in each Gram Panchayat by appointing at least 5 Digital Cadets at their center! Those who will go door to door in the village will benefit the people through the Common Service Center in government schemes!



CSC SPV launched Digital Cadet platform on the occasion of 11th CSC Diwas.

While inaugurating the program, Dr. Dinesh Kumar Tyagi, CEO-CSC SPV mentioned that more than 4 lakh CSCs have played significant role in Digital India initiatives of the Government. He said that Village Level Entrepreneurs have revolutionized service delivery in India by empowering women, marginalized communities and rural citizens and providing opportunities for access of various government and other services to them. Now, with the launch of Digital Cadet Platform, VLEs are taking forward the agenda of the government in serving the underserved community, the old , the infirm, handicapped and others unable to visit a Governmnet office /bank/ other institution , especially those living in the Rural India.

Dr. Dinesh Tyagi, added, “Government of India has recently launched guidelines for Telemedicine. In the current scenario, Telemedicine assumes special significance. Digital Cadets will also help in healthcare delivery at home to patients and sick people.”

Every CSC will employ five digital cadets who will provide door step access to various services to citizens, work as delivery agents for Grameen eStores and kisan eMart and help CSCs conduct various surveys for the government and other agencies. These Digital cadets will also do door to door advocacy for Governmnet schemes and programs beside other B2C services which CSC deliver. They will help citizen avail the various benefits announced by Government during the Covid 19. They will support every citizen including MSME access to Government own or sponsored schemes. Help build the Credit profile of the community so as to help them access credit from the formal banking channel. The digital cadets will be trained in requisite skills for providing services to citizen especially those from weaker sections of the society. Digital Cadets will help in enabling CSC to achieve the Government vision of a digitally inclusive and empowered society. Digital Cadet Abhiyan will help in employment opportunity for two million people especially those from Rural India. These Digital cadets will support other national and international organisation who desire to access Indian Rural markets for various products and services. They will also champion the cause of handicraft, SHG, farmers and support them to sell their produce to national and international markets. The dream of Gram Swaraj and Atma Nirbhar Bharat will be supported by this army of digital cadets using the technology tools.

Each CSC VLEs can now add Digital Cadets by filling up a Registration form available on Digital Seva Portal.

CEO CSC SPV also launched the mobile app of Digital Seva Portal so that delivery of services can be done at Home of the Citizen. Now CSC VLEs can provide services through the app. This will also address issues of connectivity in some of the remote, hilly and tribal areas.

CSC officials from state and central team were also present during the online inauguration of the service.

All CSC Vle Employ 5 Digital Cadets In CSC CENTER

Within this scheme, it is mandatory for each CSC Vle to appoint at least 5 Digital Cadets at its center! And if there is more work or more people need to be appointed to cover a larger area! So you can register as many people as vle as Digital Cadets!

CSC SPV Requirements of Digital Cadets In CSC

Friends, as you all know that in the current date, more than 400 services are available on the CSC portal, including government and non-government services. And almost every month 2-4 new services are added on CSC Portal! But due to lack of time and not being able to do many tasks alone, every CSC Vle does not work in every CSC Service! And due to busyness, he is not even able to give information about all the services offered by people around him! Due to which a lot of his business and profit-making opportunities are lost! And people have to travel to distant cities or towns for a lack of information to take advantage of those services!

ALL VLE Benefits Of CSC Digital Cadets

Digital Cadets to be appointed at every Common Service Center under CSC Digital Cadet Platform will enable major changes in rural areas and home delivery of services to people! Currently, there are about 400-500 types of government and non-government services in every gram panchayat of the country working with the IT department of the Government of India – such as electricity bill payment, crop insurance, farmer credit card, auto insurance, IFFCO, sale of farmer’s products, Aadhaar card, loan, withdrawal from bank account deposit, Ayushman card, financial torture, computer education, internet connection, napkin etc. are unavailable!

csc cadget CSC Digital Cadet

What Is Work Of Digital Cadets

But due to lack of knowledge about these services, most of the people of the village go to any other city or town and take advantage of these services! Or are denied access to these services! But with the information of all the services available at CSC Center by going to the house of CSC Digital Cadet people! From door to door – from depositing electricity bill, all types of CSC Vle will help in delivery of services to the home! With this, as the business of CSC Vle increases, its revenue will also increase! And information about the services provided by every person in the village

Role Of CSC Digital Cadet In CSC

  • Informing people about the services available at CSC Center by going to the village
  • Home delivery of services to people at their home through Mobile App
  • Training to use CSC Grameen E Store and Kisan E Mart
  • Performing survey work done by the government and CSC from time to time.
  • From time to time, information about government schemes being run for people
  • Due to Corona, the government is providing benefits to people and giving information

Vle will serve the country in this way through digital cadets

Through the CSC Digital Cadet Platform, now the vulnerable, backward, and deprived people of CSC Vle Government who do not get the benefit of any kind of services or are handicapped (handicapped) or old weak, illiterate and poor people who are banks, government offices, Or are not able to go to other institutions! Such people will get all the services they need such as deposit withdrawal, pension, loan, Prime Minister’s residence, health card for free treatment, Kisan credit card, handicapped pension, old age pension, etc.

csc CSC Digital Cadet

Training to CSC Digital Cadets

All Digital Cadets to be appointed by CSC VLE will be provided Special Training by CSC SPV. The entire cost of training and Skill Developmet of CSC Digital Cadets will be borne by CSC!

How To Selection Of CSC Digital Cadets

At the time of appointment as CSC Digital Cadets, there is a provision to give special preference to people coming from weaker sections of the society. CSC Vle can determine the educational qualification and selection of the remaining candidates.

CSC Vle choose Digital Cadet Scheme?

No! To work on CSC Digital Cadet scheme or its CSC Center, CSC Vle should promote the employment of other unemployed family and especially women in their village instead of appointing their family members, but in some place if it is necessary to take responsibility and very necessary But any family member can be given work! But keep in mind that their number should not be more than 10% of the total number of people working on your CSC Center!

What is Distribution Of Work To Digital Cadets

After the selection and registration process of CSC Digital Cadets, the work will be distributed according to their educational qualification and their qualification and expertise! In which if someone has experience in insurance field, he has insurance work, someone has experience in selling products or is an expert, then the work of selling the product will be distributed accordingly.


CSC Digital Cadet Salary and Incentive

Many CSC Vle have a question whether the CSC Digital Cadets will be given any fix monthly salary! So let me tell you that Mr. Dinesh Tyagi CEO CSC SPV during its launching told that Digital Cadets appointed will be incentivised by CSC Vle based on their work! However, no monthly salary information has been confirmed yet! But according to information received from sources, these Digital India Cadets will be paid according to the commission received according to their work!

CSC Digital Seva Portal New Cadet Registration Process

According to the information received, the process of registration of CSC Digital Cadet will start very soon! And CSC Vle will be able to complete this process through its CSC ID! As soon as this process starts, we will inform you through separate video and post!

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CSC Deletion Of Digital Cadets 

If someone does not want to work in Digital Cadet after registration or after some time! So CSC Vle will be given the right that in such a situation they can register another person and appoint him in future!

CSC Appointment New Digital Cadets

Apart from being expelled, CSC Vle can also appoint a new applicant as Digital Cadet later if required!

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