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Dear friends, if you want to become a CSC e-Stamp Vendor, then we are going to give you complete information about it here. With which you can easily establish your employment by becoming a CSC e-Stamp Vendor. The question remains in the minds of many people that how can we become a stamp vendor and what is the process of it.

As you know, nowadays the sale of stamps is increasing rapidly, stamps are used in all government work because stamp duty has to be paid everywhere and this stamp duty is paid by the stamp government first for this offline system. Used to run, but now the government has electronicized it, so that you can set up your own employment by selling Eastamp online.

To start the business of selling e-stamps, you will have to complete some minor procedures, in addition to that you will have to submit some documents only then you can become a CSC e-Stamp Vendor and establish your employment with it.


CSC e-Stamp Vendor Registration 2022

Service Name CSC E Stamp Vendor
Service Type E Stamp Vendor
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Documents required to become an e-stamp vendor.

If you want to become Eastamp Vendor and start its business, then you will need the following documents.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Csc id
  • E mail ID
  • mobile number
  • Education certificate
  • Computer certificate

Purpose of eStamp Vendor service?

As you know, the main objective of starting the stamp service by the government is to provide assistance to the stamp vendor and at the same time people have difficulties in buying the stamp, and arbitrary stamp duty staff is taken by the band to resolve the government. Has started the stamp service so that people will now be able to take advantage of this service online as transparency will be promoted by the government.

CSC eStamp Service?

As you know that if you bought a stamp of ₹ 10 earlier, you had to pay a fee of ₹ 15 for it and if you did not give it on hearing then you were not given a stamp but if you are from the stamp vendor which is online When you register a stamp and buy from them, you will be given stamp paper at the prescribed fee.

With the introduction of this service, the fake stamps that were being manufactured will be stopped because there are many people who make counterfeiting and sell fake stamps. Due to which the government incurs a loss of crores of rupees annually, if the government completes this process online, the government will get a lot of financial help in this and such fake people will be exposed.

CSC e-Stamp Vendor, eStamp Vendor Registration 2022

Benefits of becoming a CSC e-Stamp Vendor?

If you become a CSC e-Stamp Vendor. So you can have a lot of benefits, you can open your shop anywhere such as a tehsil or office and start selling stamps. As you know, most of the stamps are sold in Tehsil or Court and people go there to buy stamps and you know that the number of stamp sellers is very less. So if you also become a CSC e-Stamp Vendor, you can earn good profits by selling the star there. As you know that people sell stamps of ₹ 10 for ₹ 15, then you can understand how much profit you can make by becoming a CSC e-Stamp Vendor.

Where to get stamp vendor service?

If you want to become a stamp bender then you can get its franchise through CSC Common Service Center. You have to fulfill some minor conditions for this. And after that you can take the service of selling stamps from CSC. You will easily get how you have to apply for it and in how many days you get the franchisee, we are going to give you complete information below here so that you can easily establish your own employment by becoming a stamp vendor.

CSC e-Stamp Vendor Registration?

  • To become a stamp vendor, follow the following procedure.
  • First of all gather all the documents mentioned above
  • You must have a CSC ID to be a stamp vendor.
  • Now you have to contact your CSC Distic Manager.
  • Tell your district manager that you want to become an CSC e-Stamp Vendor, for which you need a user ID and password.
  • Now your District Manager will ask for documents from you, you should send the complete documents to them.
  • In 15 to 20 days after sending the document, your user ID and password will be sent by CSC.
  • Now with the help of this user ID and password, you can do the job of selling the stamp.

eStamp Vendor list,eStamp Vendor list,csc eStamp Vendor list


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