CSC VLE digipay lockdown e-pass download,Digipay Identy Card print

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As we all know, folk will be down all over India. Recently 15 days of Bihar has been locked down, where some time table has been released.

With the help of which all of us can set up and send the VLE Lockdown pass to the service center and vegetable market. Looking at all these, we are going to tell you today that at the time of this lockdown, you are in your shop or your sister’s We are going to tell you how to make the pass.


Digipay Identy Card print

Service Name digipay lockdown pass
Service Type CSC digipay  pass Download
Beneficiary CSC VLE
 lockdown pass Download Click Here

How to digipay lockdown e-pass Download

  • You must go to!
  • Then log in to the CSC Vle profile! Then download your CSC Vle Certificate!
  • With this, you get the certificate of Banking Corrospondace Bc / IIBF! Put that certificate on your center!
  • Put posters of CSC HDFC Bank and other banking services on your center!
  • Your Bank Bc / CSP certificate has been sent to you by HDFC Bank on Mobile / E-mail! Place it on the center by doing daaun!
  • Take a print out of the government issued letter along with the above mentioned certificate and put it on your Bank BC / CSP Center!

Friends, are you a CSC Mitra and you have not yet received a bank like that from any bank and you provide banking services to people through CSC DigiPay like in like.

(CSC lockdown pass apply) If you work for deposits, withdrawals, money transfer, recharge, insurance, mini statement, then there is good news for you, you can open your center in this lockdown too.

You can read the entire post carefully (CSC lockdown pass apply) to understand what you need to do and how to get your CSC Digi lockdown pass (CSC digipay lockdown pass) to help people in this lockdown. Will have to know the process of registration.

The Ministry of Home Affairs issued a letter in which CSC Digipay gave permission to create Lock Dawn Pass.

  • 1. At the time of this lockdown, the government sends money to everyone’s account and to withdraw it.
  • 2. If you go to the mini branch of the bank, then in view of all these (CSC lockdown pass apply), the Ministry of Home Affairs gave permission to make a pass for CSC.
  • 3. In which there are many people from poor family, especially the elderly, women, widows, disabled people, to whom money has been sent to the account.
  • 4. You will have to go to the bank to transact money from the account and if so many people arrive at the bank at one time, then there will be a rush in the bank due to which the banks will not be able to give money to all of them.
  • 5. There is a possibility of the bank getting crowded and not working (CSC digipay lockdown pass), due to which the Ministry of Home Affairs issued a letter to all the concerned departments to all the banking service providers.
  • 6. Essential service includes capital. They will be allowed to open their own center.

download CSC digipay IDENRY card | CSC digipay lockdown PASS online apply.

Friends, if you have got BC of any bank along with busy, then you can download your CSC VLE ID card with the signature of Dinesh Tyagi sir (CSC digipay lockdown pass) by adopting the following video. Watch till the end and read this article till the last.

digipay lockdown e-pass Download

Download ID card from here to start CSC DIGIPAY service.

  •  Recently CSC CEO Mr. Dinesh Tyagi has instructed all CSC DigiPay operators to issue ID cards on one DJ.
  • Which will soon be available on CSC DigiPay portal (VLE Lockdown pass). But till then you can download the sample ID card from the link given below.
  •  Or after uploading to someone on the portal (apply CSC lockdown pass), you can download your office cell ID card with your CSC ID & PIN number.
  •  Click here to download the CSC DigiPay Portal Original ID Card.
  •  Click here to download sample ID card.
  • PDS File E-pass Download

How To download CSC VLE DigiPay Lockdown Pass.?

As all of you will know, cSC digipay, aadhaar enabled payment is run by an agreement with Indsland Bank and Indsland Bank issued a letter to help CSC Mitra open this gimmick selling center (CSC digipay lockdown pass). All DJs running on CSC are permitted to open their own center or can be given a lockdown pass.

Indsland Bank has released the letter by clicking here. 

download CSC digipay ( digipay id card ) lockdown pass online?

Friends, the letter issued by the government to give you banking service at the time of this lock donation is enough. If you want to put a Lotan pass at your center, then (VLE Lockdown pass) let you know that very soon (apply online lockdown pass) CSC friend will be given a link to download via portal on Desi Melva Desi But till now you can get or get CSC DigiPay login pass by contacting your CSC Distic Manager.

apply State wise online lockdown pass

State Apply Curfew E-Pass
Andhra Pradesh digipay id card Click Here : Available Soon
Arunachal Pradesh digipay id card Click Here : Available Soon
Assam digipay id card Click Here : Available Soon
Bihar digipay id card Click Here
Chhattisgarh Click Here : Available Soon
Goa digipay id card Click Here : Available Soon
Gujarat digipay id card Click Here : Available Soon
Haryana digipay id card Click Here : Available Soon 
Himachal Pradesh digipay id card Click Here : Available Soon
Jharkhand Click Here : Available Soon
Karnataka Click Here : Available Soon
Kerala Click Here : Available Soon 
Madhya Pradesh Click Here : Available Soon
Maharashtra Click Here : Available Soon
Manipur Click Here : Available Soon
Shillong Click Here : Available Soon
Mizoram Click Here : Available Soon
Nagaland Click Here : Available Soon
Odisha Click Here : Available Soon
Punjab Click Here : Available Soon
Rajasthan Click Here : Available Soon
Sikkim Click Here : Available Soon
Tamil Nadu Click Here : Available Soon
Telangana Click Here : Available Soon
Tripura Click Here : Available Soon
Uttar Pradesh Click Here : Available Soon
Uttarakhand Click Here : Available Soon
West Bengal Click Here : Available Soon
Gurugram Click Here : Available Soon
Meghalaya Click Here : Available Soon
Mumbai Click Here : Available Soon
Bengaluru Click Here : Available Soon
Pune Click Here : Available Soon
Chennai Click Here : Available Soon

Available Now

Noida Available Soon
Shillong Available Soon
फतेहाबाद Fatehabad View (785 KB) 

Movement Pass (395 KB) 


District magistrate requested to open the CSC center?

  • 1. After getting the approval, many Bihar lockdown pass apply in many districts CSC VLE are serving the people cleanly during this lockdown.
  • 2. In many places, the administration has given permission to the banking center operators to open the center.
  • 3. It has requested to open the center and help the common man under the obligation of the society (online lockdown pass apply).
  • During this lockdown through CSC VLE people give banking service on Digi Pay.

Keep these things in mind while running CSC DigiPaya, otherwise your center may be closed.

  • 1. If you are a CSC VLE and working to withdraw deposits from people’s account.
  • 2. If you are opening your center or you are going to go home from home, apply Bihar lockdown pass, then in such a situation, you and your people will have to know some important thing for safety.
  • 3. Whenever you take the customer’s finger through the VLE Lockdown pass, make the fingerprint sanitized.
  • 4. The customer should put himself on a mask so that the people around him can be protected.
  • 5. Allow the customer to stand or sit (online lockdown pass apply) by making a distance of 2 meters.
  • 6. If someone does not come wearing a mask, do not withdraw their money or lentils, otherwise your center may be closed.
  • 7. After making the money transaction, you will have to note the complete Bihar lockdown pass information of the customer in a diary.
  • 8. After the landing of every customer, you can get your hand sanitized, otherwise you can harm your family or yourself.
  • If you are an individual and want to make it near your shop or your vegetable market, then you can register in your state and get a pass by clicking on the link below.

digipay id card

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