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e-Shram Yojana – As the name proposes, this is a plan as of late dispatched by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, under which the specialists of the sloppy area are given by the Central Government. It has been begun to gather information at the focal level with the goal of giving direct advantage to the Under the eshram card plot, ” eshram card “ of about 43.7 crore chaotic area laborers of the nation will be ready, through which they will be given direct advantages of the plans dispatched by the focal government and the state government.

In such a circumstance, today we will give you practically all the data identified with the e-shram conspire, like what is this e-shram plot, what are the advantages of making an e-shram card, how to make an e-shram card on the web and what reports will be needed for this. You will give data, so you read this article cautiously till the end.

How to make E Shram Card and how to login to make E Shram Card What are the benefits of E Shram Card, we are going to give you all this information here so that you can easily make your csc eshram card?


CSC NDUW eShram Card / What is e-Shram Yojana?

e-Shram Yojana is really a plan dispatched by the Central Government which will work to gather the information of each and every chaotic area laborers present in the country, truly it will be a National Database of Uncategorized Workers. Under this, complete data about the specialists of the disorderly area will be accessible. Subsequent to getting enlisted under the eshram card plot, the specialists of the sloppy area will be helped in the smooth activity of any plan began by the focal government ie the state government, which can give direct advantages to these individuals, so the laborers of the chaotic area will get immediate advantages. Also, you will get the advantages quicker.

So at this point you realize that a plan called EShram Yojana has been begun under which laborers in the chaotic area will be enrolled and they will get benefits, yet in such a circumstance, the inquiry will undoubtedly be who is the specialist of the disorderly area?

EShram Card Yojana Highlights 2021

Yojana Ka Name✔️ EShram Card Yojana / ई श्रम योजना
initiated by the department✔️ केंद्र सरकार के द्वारा
Department Name✔️ श्रम एवं रोजगार मंत्रालय (Ministry Of Labor And Employment)
Beneficiary ✔️  all the workers of India
Benefit✔️ पंजीकरण के पश्चात सभी सरकारी योजनाओं का सीधा लाभ
objective✔️ असंगठित क्षेत्र के कामगारों का राष्ट्रीय स्तर पर डेटाबेस इकट्ठा करना
Application Type✔️ Online/Offline
Year✔️ 2021
Official Website✔️ Click Here

        CSC EShram Card login Link          

CSC EShram Card login Link✔️ Click Here

eshram card Apply report online check

CSC vle के लिए एक और अपडेट यहां पर निकल के आ रही है जिसमें आपको बताया गया हैं प्रत्येक VLE द्वारा आपके जिले के अंदर प्रत्येक सीएससी केंद्र द्वारा कितने इ श्रम कार्ड बनाए हैं | तो आप eshram card report list आप नीचे बताए गए तरीके के माध्यम से ऑनलाइन चेक कर सकते हैं| और आप यह जान सकते हैं कि आपके csc id द्वारा कितने eshram card अभी तक बनाए गए हैं और इसी के हिसाब से आप अपने csc id कमीशन का अंदाजा भी लगा सकते हैं तो चलिए जान लेते हैं कि आपको अपनी सीएससी आईडी पर कितनी इ श्रम कार्ड बने हुए हैं यह कैसे देखना है|

eShram card report check

csc eshram card report graph eShram Card

esaram card kiska Banega ?

The Government of India has concluded that UAN card /esharam card will be made for every one of the laborers coming in the chaotic area. The accompanying individuals who go to the specialists in the sloppy area are:- little and minor ranchers, anglers, individuals occupied with animal cultivation, beedi rolling, naming and pressing, building and development laborers, craftsmen, laborers in block ovens and stone quarries, Barbers, vegetable and organic product merchants, paper sellers, cart pullers, auto drivers, house cleaners, road sellers, MGNREGA laborers, ASHA laborers, milk ranchers, traveler workers and all such individuals who do their business as opposed to working in a major organization are doing.

eShram Card Online Apply 2021

eSHRAM Portal Registration: The Narendra Modi government has fostered an e-SHRAM gateway for making a public data set of disorderly laborers, which will be cultivated with their Aadhaar cards. It will have subtleties of name, occupation, address, instructive capability, expertise types, and family subtleties and so forth for the ideal acknowledgment of their employability and broaden the advantages of the federal retirement aide plans to them. It is the main ever public information base of chaotic specialists including traveler laborers, development laborers, gig and stage laborers and others.

Pastor for Labor and Employment Bhupender Yadav on 26th August dispatched the e-Shram gateway and gave it over to the States/UTs within the sight of the Rameswar Teli, Minister of State for Labor and Employment and Petroleum and Natural Gas.

This framework is being made to enroll 38 crore disorderly laborers. “It won’t just enlist them however would likewise be useful in conveying of different federal retirement aide plans being executed by the Central and State Governments,” said the work serve.

eShram card Registration Process Step By Step

e shram card 2 eShram Card

  • Stage 2: Click on the ‘Register on e-SHRAM’ interface on the landing page.
  • Stage 3: Enter the Aadhaar-connected versatile number and manual human test code and snap on send OTP.
  • Stage 4: Follow the resulting guidelines to finish the enrollment cycle.
  • If it’s not too much trouble, note that assuming a specialist doesn’t have Aadhaar-connected versatile number, he/she can visit the closest CSC and register through Biometric confirmation.

CSC eshram card Commission release

Dear friends, if you make E Shram Card from CSC, then great news is coming out for all of you. Let us tell you that the money for making eSharam Card has been sent by CSC inside your DigiPay, the commission of all the eShram Cards that were made in the first phase has been sent to your DigiPay, you can open your CSC DigiPay and open your CSC eShram Can check Card Commission check

E-Shram Card Registration through Fingerprint Device?

  • How to do E-Shram Card Registration through Fingerprint Device, we are going to give you this complete information here.
  • If you want to make eshram card through morpho or any biometric, then first you have to set up your browser.
  • If you have set the browser setting, then you have to open your browser and open the website of eshramcard in that.
  • After this you have to click on the e labor card registration
  • After clicking, you have to enter any mobile number for OTP, after submitting OTP, you have to enter the beneficiary Aadhar card number.
  • Now after this you have to select the Biometric option.
  • After this you capture the beneficiary biometric. CSC EShram Card Registration,
  • After capturing the biometric wait for a few seconds
  • Biometric will be captured successfully then submit
  • Now all the information will open in front of you, then you fill the eshram card form completely and submit it successfully.

The objective of CSC eshram card?

eshram card is being given to each worker in the chaotic area through the NDUW plan to set up a public information base of these. With the goal that the public authority should think about individuals doing various sorts of work in the entire nation and by recognizing them, they can be given the advantage of a wide range of government plans.

What is the sloppy area and what sort of individuals are remembered for it

Talking in straightforward words, and coordinated area implies a region that has no association, that is, in basic words, you are not getting any sort of compensation to work, you are related with some work under which you don’t generally have work. Lived. The coordinated area comprises of laborers in the private or public area who get normal wages, allowances or different advantages which remember leave and government backed retirement for the type of fortunate asset and tip. That is, assuming you come from the coordinated area, you can’t be the first recipient under e-Shram Yojana and you won’t get its advantage.

e-Shram Card the:

  • ️ Small and Marginal Farmers
  • ️ Agricultural Laborer
  • ️ Sharecroppers
  • ️ angler
  • ️ People occupied with creature cultivation
  • ️ Beedi Rolling
  • ️ Building and development laborers
  • ️ calfskin laborers
  • ️ weavers
  • ️ amplified
  • ️ Salt laborer
  • ️ Workers in block furnaces and stone quarries
  • ️ saw factory laborers

What is NDUW e-Shram card?

The complete name of NDUW is National Database of Uncategorized Workers, Ministry of Labor and Employment is setting up a public information base of chaotic specialists, under which eshram gateway has been created and UAN Card plot has been dispatched.

  • The Ministry of Labor and Employment is setting up a public information base of chaotic specialists.
  • ️ There is an office for enrollment of chaotic specialists on the site.
  • ️ Every UW (Uncategorized Work) will be given a personality card which will be a one of a kind distinguishing proof number, which will go where UAN card, NDUW card, eshram card will go.

Advantages and Features of CSC EShram Card Yojana Portal?

  • Shram Portal was dispatched on 26 August 2021 by Union Employment Minister Shri Bhupendra Yadav ji.
  • ️ A data set of around 476 crore chaotic area laborers of the nation will be accessible on this gateway, which can be utilized by the focal government if necessary.
  • ️ All the enrolled laborers of the nation and from the coordinated area will be given the advantage of a wide range of government advantages and government plans, for which they won’t should be re-enlisted.
  • ️ Under the e-shram conspire, the workers and homegrown specialists will be connected together and work will be done to foster them all around.
  • ️ E-shram card of the relative multitude of enlisted laborers will be made on the e-shram entry, which will have a 12 digit unit number.
  • ️ After being enlisted on the e Shram entryway, every one of the laborers will be given a 12 digit unit number called e-shram card number which will be substantial all over India.
  • ️ After the UAN card is made, every one of the laborers will be appropriated based on their work and abilities so the public authority can undoubtedly give them business.
  • ️ based on the data set present in the NDUW Card, the Central Government will be helped in dispatching and working different kinds of government plans for the specialists.

Advantages Of csc EShram CArd Yojana

In spite of the fact that there are many advantages of e-shram card plot which will straightforwardly go to the specialists of the disorderly area, however the fundamental advantages of these are as per the following:-

  • ️ Social Security Schemes dependent on this information base will be carried out by Ministries/Governments
  • ️ Workers will get the advantage of BHIM yojana security at o’clock
  • ️ Employees enlisted under NDUW can take advantage of PM Suraksha BHIM Yojana and after enrollment they will be deferred off premium installment for 1 year.

Why register in NDUW? /NDUW Card Kyun Banaye

  • ️ Unorganized laborers will get the advantage of government backed retirement and government assistance plans.
  • ️ This data set will help the public authority in planning strategy and projects for the sloppy laborers.
  • The development of laborers from the casual area to the conventional area and the other way around, their professional expertise improvement and so on will be checked by the Central Government and as needs be they will be furnished with the method for reasonable work business.
  • ️ More business openings will be given to the transient work power by following them.

Eshram Scheme Eligibility Criteria/E Shram Eligibility and Criteria

  • To apply for NDUW Card for example to get UAN Card, it is important to satisfy the qualification and rules referenced beneath:-
  • ️ Applicant age ought to be between 15-59 years
  • ️ The candidate ought not be an annual citizen
  • ️ The candidate ought not be an individual from EPFO ​​or ESIC
  • ️ Applying and ought to be a laborer of coordinated area.

Required Documents For UAN Card

  • Compulsory Documents
  • ️ Mandatory eKYC utilizing Aadhaar Number
  • OTP
  • unique mark
  • eyeball
  • ️ Bank account number
  • Mobile number

2. Discretionary Documents

  • ️ Certificate of Education
  • ️ Income Certificate
  • ️ Business Certificate
  • ️ Skill Certificate

Goals of UAN Card Scheme

The motivation behind UAN Card Yojana is to gather the information of the specialists of each disorderly area of the state so that at whatever point the focal government needs to make an arrangement, they as of now have the data of the concerned worker so they can make the arrangement effectively and advantage from it in the sloppy area. simple admittance to laborers.

Significant Benefits of UAN Card

The advantages of the UN card can be many, however we comprehend one of these significant advantages from the model, as all of you saw that due to the Covid pestilence, the joblessness in the nation has become to such an extent that individuals begin succumbing to starvation, so the focal government The Corona Financial Assistance Scheme was begun to give monetary assistance, under which jobless and traveler workers were approached to enlist, numerous workers enrolled and they additionally got the measure of Covid help.

Yet, there were numerous such workers who couldn’t get this data because of some explanation or they couldn’t get themselves enlisted in Coronavirus Aid for reasons unknown, then, at that point they couldn’t get the advantage of Coronavirus Aid. On the off chance that such a circumstance at any point comes, utilizing your enlisted information with the Central Government, which you have given to the Central Government by enrolling the E-Shram Yojana, the Central Government or the State Government will actually want to send the sum straightforwardly to you and at the period of scarcity, you will actually want to do any sort of enrollment. won’t be needed.

Who can’t be enrolled in NDUW Card, who can’t get eShram Card made?

️ Any area occupied with coordinated can not enroll for e-shram card.

️ Organized area comprises of private or public area laborers who get customary compensation, enormous lengths and different advantages, some of whom additionally get the office of ESIC and EPFO, and leave and government managed retirement as tip. Coordinated area is considered as the individuals who can’t get their UAN card made.

Some normal government plans connected under e Shram Scheme :- eShram Scheme Social Security Welfare Schemes

Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan-Dhan Pension Scheme (PM-SYM)

  • Intentional and Contributory Pension Schemes
  • The month to month commitment goes from Rs 55 to Rs 200 relying upon the passage age of the recipient.
  • Under this plan, half commitment is payable month to month by the recipient and an equivalent commitment is made by the focal government.


  • Should be an Indian resident
  • Sloppy specialists (vendors, farming work, building site laborers, calfskin laborers, handlooms, noontime dinner laborers, cart or auto wheelers, cloth pickers, craftsmen, anglers and so on laborers and so on)
  • age gathering of 18-40 years
  • Month to month pay under Rs.15,000/ – and isn’t an individual from EPFO/ESIC/NPS (Government supported) plot.

eShram Card benefit

  • Subsequent to accomplishing the age of 60 years, the recipients are qualified for get a base guaranteed month to month benefits of Rs.3,000/ – .
  • On the passing of the recipient, the life partner is qualified for half month to month benefits.
  • Assuming both a couple join this plan, they will be qualified for joint month to month benefits of Rs.6000/ – .

Eshram card apply video By CSC

Public Pension Scheme for Shopkeepers, Traders and Self Employed Persons (NPS-Traders) (NPS Traders)

  • Deliberate and Contributory Pension Schemes
  • The month to month commitment goes from Rs 55 to Rs 200 relying upon the section age of the recipient.
  • Under this plan, half commitment is payable month to month by the recipient and the coordinating with commitment is paid by the focal government.


  • Should be an Indian resident
  • Retailers or proprietors who have little shops, eateries, lodgings or land agents and so forth
  • 18-40 years of age
  • Try not to join EPFO/ESIC/PM-SYM.
  • The yearly turnover ought not surpass Rs 1.5 crore.

the benefit

  • Under the plan, in the wake of accomplishing the age of 60 years, the recipients are qualified to get a base guaranteed month to month annuity of Rs.3000/ – .

Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyotibima Yojana (PMJJBY)


  • Should be an Indian resident.
  • Be in the age gathering of 18 to 50 years.
  • Have Jan Dhan or Savings Bank Account with Aadhaar.
  • Assent for auto-charge from financial balance.
  • Premium @ Rs.330/ – per annum

the benefit

  • 2 lakh if there should be an occurrence of death because of any explanation
  • Note: This plan is accessible through the banks by the Department of Financial Services.

Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY)


  • Should be an Indian resident.
  • Be in the age gathering of 18 to 70 years.
  • Have Jan Dhan or Savings Bank Account with Aadhaar.
  • Assent for auto-charge from ledger
  • Premium @ Rs.12/ – per annum

the benefit

  • 2 lakh if there should be an occurrence of unintentional demise and super durable inability and Rs 1 lakh in the event of incomplete handicap.
  • Note: This plan is accessible through the banks by the Department of Financial Services.

Atal Pension Yojana


  • Should be an Indian resident
  • Age ought to be between 18-40 years
  • Ledger ought to be connected with Aadhaar

the benefit

  • The supporter can get a benefits of Rs 1,000-5,000 at his decision or he can likewise get the collected measure of annuity after his demise.
  • The aggregated sum will be given to the companion or to the chosen one if the life partner is likewise dead.
  • Note: This plan is accessible through the banks by the Department of Financial Services.

Public Distribution System (PDS)


  • Should be an Indian resident
  • All families beneath the destitution line are qualified.
  • Any family where there is no part between the age of 15 to 59 years.
  • The individuals who have no long-lasting position and connect just in easygoing work.

the benefit

  • 35 kg every month Rice or Wheat, while the family above neediness line can purchase 15 kg consistently. Qualified for food.
  • One Nation-One Ration Card (ONORC) is being executed to empower traveler laborers to get food grains any place they are working.
  • Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – Rural (PMAY-G)


  • Should be an Indian resident
  • Any family incorporating a specialist with no part between the ages of 15 and 59 years.
  • Any family where there is a debilitated part is additionally qualified to get benefits under Pradhan Mantri Awas Gramin Yojana.
  • The individuals who have no long-lasting position and connect just in relaxed work.

the benefit

  • 1.2 lakh in plain regions and 1.3 lakh in bumpy regions is given to the recipient.
  • Public Social Assistance Program (NSAP) – Old Age Protection


  • Should be an Indian resident
  • Any individual who has next to zero ordinary methods for resource from his own kind of revenue or via monetary help from relatives or different sources.

the benefit

  • Focal commitment @ Rs.300 to Rs.500 for various age gatherings.
  • Month-to-month benefits goes from Rs.1000/ – to Rs.3000/ – relying upon the commitment of the state.

Ayushman Bharat-Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY)


  • Families with no grown-up/male procuring part inside the age gathering of 16-59 years
  • Family living in one room with harsh dividers and roof
  • Families without any individuals inside the age gathering of 16-59 years
  • A family with no sound grown-up part and one handicapped part
  • manual foragers
  • Landless families who procure a significant piece of their family pay from physical work

the benefit

  • Let loose wellbeing inclusion to Rs.5 lakh per family each year for hospitalization for auxiliary and tertiary consideration.
  • Medical coverage Scheme for Weavers (HIS)


  • Should be an Indian resident
  • The weaver procures basically half of his pay from handloom weaving.
  • All weavers, regardless of whether male or female, are qualified to be covered under the “Medical coverage Scheme”.

the benefit

  • Recipients will benefit a bundle of Rs 15,000/ – which incorporates both prior illnesses and new infections. The division as far as dispensing of sum according to ailments is as per the following Maternity Benefit (per kid for initial two youngsters)- Rs.2500/ – , Eye Treatment-Rs.75/ – , specs-Rs.250/ – in private medical clinic Recruitment-Rs.4000/ – , Ayurvedic/Unani/Homeopathic/Siddha-Rs.4000/ – , Hospitalization (counting pre and post)- 15000/ – , Child inclusion Rs.500/ – , Outpatient office and per infection limit 7500/ – Rs.

Public Safai Karamcharis Finance and Development Corporation (NSKFDC)


  • Should be an Indian resident
  • People associated with foragers and manual scroungers.

the benefit

  • The plan gives monetary help to Safai Karamcharis, manual scroungers and their wards through SCA/RRB/Nationalized Banks for disinfection related exercises and any feasible pay producing plans for instruction in India and abroad.
  • Independent work Scheme for Rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers (Revised)
  • qualification
  • Should be an Indian resident
  • One from every family, a recognized manual scrounger, (as characterized in para 2.3.1) will be qualified for One Time Cash Assistance (OTCA) of Rs.40,000/ – or OTCA of the sum as revised now and again .
  • Give free ability preparing willingly to manual scroungers and their wards (as characterized in para 2.3.2) from a rundown of such trainings coordinated by the National Safai Karamcharis Financial and Development Corporation (NSKFDC) every once in a while. Will be finished. A month to month payment of Rs.3,000/ – (Rupees 3,000 just) or such sum as might be endorsed every now and then will be given by NSKFDC.

How to get NDUW Card, eShram Card, how to make UAN?

  • Incidentally, you can get your e-Shramik card made both on the web and disconnected, we will realize the online interaction exhaustively, for disconnected cycle you can go to any normal help community close to you.
  • Cycle for making work card from Common Service Center/CSC UAN card Apply Process
  • ️ First of all you need to go to your closest Common Service Center and disclose to them that you need to make UAN card for example eshram card.
  • ️ You will be asked your Aadhar card number by the Common Service Center Operator (CSC VLE) and will be gotten some information about some data, for example, your location and so on
  • ️ Some records might be requested from you as a report, for example, your pay endorsement, your business testament, your schooling declaration (regardless of whether you don’t give this load of archives, you will be enlisted in light of the fact that This is a conventional record)
  • ️ By the Common Service Center Operator (CSC VLE), you will be enlisted through online on the E Shram Portal and you will be given the eshram card by downloading it simultaneously.
  • ️ Labor card will be given to you by the administrator in plain print on a4 paper, for which even ₹ 1 won’t be charged from you.
  • ️ If you need to get the e-shram card imprinted in shading like Aadhar card, then, at that point for this you should pay independently to the Common Service Center administrator.
  • So till now you have practically all the data about NDUW Card Yojana and e-Shram Card, you have additionally figured out how to make eShram Card through disconnected, presently further we will know exhaustively how to apply NDUW Card Online .

CSC eshram Card Apply Process , UAN Card , NDUW Card Online Apply Process Step By Step

  • ️ First of all you need to go to the authority site of Ministry of Labor and Employment e-Shram Portal,

e shram card 1 eShram Card

  • ️ As soon as you go to the site, its landing page will open before you, where you will see the connection to enlist on e-Shram, as you can see beneath. ?

e shram card 2 eShram Card

  • ️ You need to tap on the connection of Register On e-Shram, after which another page will open before you, as you can see beneath. ?

e shram card 1 eShram Card

  • ️ Here you will enter your Aadhar number and enter the given manual human test code and snap on the catch of Send OTP. (For self-enrollment on the web, recollect that your versatile number is as of now enlisted in your Aadhaar)
  • ️ You will enter the OTP got on the versatile, after which the e-shram card self enrollment structure will open before you. As you can see underneath. ?

NDUW Card Self enrollment Form

️ You will fill and present the structure in the accompanying advances.

  • 1. Individual Information
  • 2. Address
  • 3. Training Qualification
  • 4. Occupation
  • 5. Bank Details
  • 6. Reviews Self-statement
  • 7. UAN Card Download And Print

️ After entering all the data, when you complete your self-revelation, then, at that point you see the UAN card which you can download and use in future if necessary.

Note: – Although we have revealed to you the whole interaction of making UAN card on the web, however here underneath we are giving you a video wherein I have disclosed to you the way toward making an UN card bit by bit through the video and furthermore by making an UN card and downloading it. Has shown .

Contact Details For eShram Card Yojana

Incidentally, we have given you practically all the data identified with the E Shram Yojana, on the off chance that you actually need to realize something to ask, you can contact on the contact structure given underneath.

Helpline Number-14434

Email [email protected]

FAQ NDUW Card Online Apply 2021

Q 1. What is eShram card and what are its advantages?

NDUW Card is the name of the eshram card began by the focal government, and after the making of this card, the focal government will as of now have data about the laborers of each chaotic area of the nation, after the data is accessible, the focal government If required, it will actually want to give direct advantages to the specialists of the disorderly area by utilizing it, and there are many advantages of having a UAN card, which we have clarified in full detail over this article.

Q 2. Does UAN card have some legitimacy?

No, it is substantial for a lifetime, when you make an eShram card, you won’t ever have to make a card again later on.

Q 3. Will there be any charge for making NDUW Card?

On the off chance that you apply for making an UN card through disconnected from the Common Service Center, then, at that point you don’t have to pay any cash, or on the other hand assuming you need to complete any sort of updation in your UN card, then, at that point for this you should pay ₹ 20 should pay.

Q 4. Do we need to refresh our UN card every now and then for example consistently?

This isn’t required, however in case there is any adjustment of the data previously given by you or you move to some place for example relocate, in such a circumstance you should keep your card refreshed.

Q 5. In the event that the worker isn’t settling personal expense yet documenting returns, would he say he is qualified for an UN card?

Indeed, in case you are not a personal citizen just you have recorded your return then you can in any case be a recipient under this plan.

State Wise E shram Card

Arunachal E Shramik Check Here
Assam E Shramik Check Here
Bihar E Shramik Check Here
Andhra Pradesh E Shramik Check Here
Chandigarh E Shramik Check Here
Chhattisgarh E Shramik Check Here
Goa E Shramik Check Here
Delhi E Shramik Check Here
Haryana E Shramik Check Here
Gujarat E Shramik Check Here
Jharkhand E Shramik Check Here
E Shramik  HP Check Here
Kashmir E Shramik Check Here
Jammu E Shramik Check Here
Karnataka E Shramik Check Here
Kerala E Shramik Check Here
Madhya pradesh E Shramik Check Here
Maharashtra E Shramik Check Here
Odisha E Shramik Check Here
Punjab E Shramik Check Here
Rajasthan E Shramik Check Here
Telangana E Shramik Check Here
Tamilnadu E Shramik Check Here
Uttar Pradesh E Shramik Check Here
Uttarakhand E Shramik Check Here
West Bengal E Shramik Check Here

e-SHRAM Portal Registration,e Shram Card

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