How to print PVC card without PVC printer |

How to print PVC card without PVC printer |

Hello friends Do you want to print any plastic Pvc card without a PVC card printer, you should have some necessary divice and you want to start this business of plastic ID card and you can do it from 20 thousand If you want to start this business today you should have some given equipment, if you can earn up to 30 thousand rupees.

You must have the following tools for printing PVC card without PVC printer.

  1. inkjet printer                                                               Buy Now

  2. Id Card cutter                                                              Buy Now

  3. Leminoter                                                                    Buy Now

  4. Sheets                                                                        Buy Now

If you have all this divice already, then you have to print the plastic card by step by step. First of all, you need to install id print software and all the drivers on your laptop computer. Now you can print the ID card If you want, you should setup a photo of that card with your Photoshop or any of the ID card print software that mirror the image.

Now, let me print my thin sheet and print any card on it. Keep in mind that you have to print the Smooth site. The plastic seat is of two types. The seat seat on which any card is printed. It is a hard seet which is After a thin seat is printed, a thin seat is folded and I am kept between them, so that the flowing card gets past on the thick seat, after you have printed your seat, ID is printed. You should cut it. Now you have to fold the print seat inward i.e. that whatever it is printed on it will be on the inside and now you have to place a plastic pvc card seat i.e. your thin ear seat You will get past the thick vowel seat, so now you have to remove the thick plastic seat inside the laminator machine and remove it from the inside so that its color comes in the moley seat. After Ikalne you her id card cutter helped must delete the layer will dissect and over the card and will be removed from your PVC card it easy to prepare |.

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