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Kisan Panjikaran up Another great news is coming out for all the farming brothers. On behalf of the government, the government is constantly sending money to the accounts of all the farmer brothers. So if you also want to take advantage of such schemes of the government. So for this, stay with us.

We are going to give you all the information related to UP AGRICULTURE 81 and UP KISAN PORTAL here. So that you can easily get the grant given by the Uttar Pradesh government directly into your bank account.

The central government and the state governments are running new schemes for the farmers, many farmers do not get information about these schemes, due to which they are deprived of these schemes of the government.



Farmers have to do their KISAN PANJIKARAN UP to take advantage of UP AGRICULTURE PORTAL SERVICES. For the farmers who do not do their KISAN PANJIKARAN, the benefit of any scheme is not provided by the government.

So if you also want to get all the government grant in your bank account. So you have to adopt all the information given here.

You kept reading this post from beginning to end. So that you can get all government grants directly in the bank account. We hope that by reading this information in full, you will get the benefit of all the funds of the government.

Kisan Panjikaran up Online Links?

SCHEME NAME Kisan Panjikaran up
SERVICE Kisan Panjikaran up

kisan kisan panjikaran up

Agriculture up, DBT AGRICULTURE?

UP AGRICULTURE is done by the grant money provided by the DBT AGRICULTURE government. As we can tell you that the government directly transfers money to all its farmers’ accounts through DBT AGRICULTURE.

The UP AGRICULTURE department has followed several special types of schemes for providing fertilizer seeds free to farmers through its DBT AGRICULTURE department. So that the condition of the farmers should be improved.

As you know that 75% of the population of India lives in the village. And India is an agricultural country. Where agriculture is most commonly done. That is why the population of farmers in India is the highest.

Farmers continue to be victims of some disaster in India. Sometimes the crop of farmers in India gets burnt, sometimes the crop gets destroyed due to excessive rainfall. And sometimes the crop does not produce due to drought. In such a situation, the farmer gets into a situation of financial crisis due to these serious problems.

Direct benefits of UP AGRICULTURE and DBTagriculture

If you are also a farmer of Uttar Pradesh. So you can be given the benefit of the following services by the government. You can double your yield by taking advantage of these services.

  • The subsidy is provided by the government to all farmer brothers for the maintenance of the crop.
  • All farmers are provided with insecticides to double the crop yield.
  • By registering on DBT AGRICULTURE PORTAL, you are provided with the equipment by the government to do agricultural work.
  • The Kisan brothers are provided with a diesel pump with the help of DBT AGRICULTURE or UP AGRICULTURE PORTAL.
  • Solar pump sets are also provided to the farmer brothers directly.

Indirect Benefits of DBT AGRICULTURE Agriculture Portal?

  • If you are registered on DBT AGRICULTURE PORTAL. So here, from time to time, new information related to agriculture is sent to you by the government. In your district or gram panchayat, a meeting is organized from time to time by the Agricultural Development Officer. In which you are made aware of new resources of agriculture.
  • Weather information is constantly sent to all farmer brothers through SMS on their mobiles. How do you prepare an agricultural crop with him? Which crop is sown in which month? Which seed is best? And which land has the highest yields. Full information is provided to you. This special kind of benefit is provided by the government to all farmer brothers.
  • This benefit of the government includes one more biggest benefit. You can get the soil of your land or your field-tested to see which crop can be the best in your field. Whenever you want to get your soil tested, you do not have to pay any extra fees for it, you just have to give a small nominal amount in the form of registration. And your soil is easily tested.


The government has since made all its services online. So transparency has increased between farmers and the government. Whichever government grants funds to its farmers directly reaches all the peasant brothers on time. For this, they do not have to do much rounds of any brokers.


Earlier, when the registration of the farmer was done on UP AGRICULTURE PORTAL, then no farmer brother knew about it. But the government has now made some changes in these rules. Due to which transparency is increasing between the government and the farmers.

However, there is still a lack of transparency between the government and farmers in some areas due to lack of technical O to some extent. But still, the process of KISAN PANJIKARAN UP is mostly working correctly.

Services provided by the government to all Kisan brothers through UP AGRICULTURE PORTAL

Here we are telling you about all the services that are provided at UP AGRICULTURE PORTAL. You can directly avail all these services at UP AGRICULTURE DBT AGRICULTURE PORTAL ???? Can go and pick up

Note- All these UP AGRICULTURE services can be obtained by KISAN PANJIKARAN on UPAGRICULTURE.COM to all farmer brothers. So, it is mandatory to do KISAN PANJIKARAN only after this you will be able to avail all these services.

Note- UP AGRICULTURE and DBT AGRICULTURE is an initiative launched for all Kisan brothers in which details of all government schemes related to farmers can be easily obtained.

If you come from a state other than Uttar Pradesh, you can also get information about your state related schemes by visiting DBT AGRICULTURE PORTAL☑️.

If you want to register with UP AGRICULTURE 81 or DBTagiculture. So you stay with us, we are going to tell you the process below.


If you register yourself at UP AGRICULTURE PORTAL. So what are the main benefits you can get here. We are going to give you general information about them.

UP AGRICULTURE 81 DBT AGRICULTURE is one such medium. Whole services are provided to you at UPAGRICULTURE.COM↙️.

After getting KISAN PANJIKARAN, you can get information about all those services at UPAGRICULTURE.COM. And you can also take advantage of government grant funds.

Upagriculture Kisan Panjikaran Benefits⬅️

Upagriculture to the peasant brothers most benefit ???? You are able to get it only after registration because the government does not provide the benefits of government services to a registered farmer. From time to time, the state government and the central government transfer money to the registered farmers. And apart from this, many types of grant funds that we are going to tell you below, are being received directly by the farmers.

Identification of farmers

After the registration of your farmer by the state governments and central governments, it is easy to know that you are a farmer and until your KISAN PANJIKARAN is fully completed. Till then you are not known as a farmer. And for this the government does not provide any assistance to you.

Help in providing direct benefits to the farmers.

As soon as the registration of the farmer is done on UPAGRICULTURE.COM or DBT AGRICULTURE PORTAL, then the details of all the farmers are reached with the government. With this, whenever the government has to send any aid money to the bank accounts of the farmers, then the government easily extracts the information of all those farmers online. And the government directly provides assistance to all of them.

Priority of schemes after Upagriculture registration. ⬅️

All the farmers whose registration is done through UPAGRICULTURE.COM. The government gives first priority in giving benefits of the schemes to them. And after that the government gives the benefit of any scheme to the farmers who are registered later. As you may have seen, the government had already started giving the installment of PM Kisan Yojana to all the farmer brothers who were already registered. And for those who got registered later, it was sent later and there was a lot of delay in sending someone. This is the reason why many farmers have not yet come to the account of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi.

Application for grant in case of crop failure

As you know, crops in India are often wasted for some reason. Whether it is due to hail. Or due to the scorching heat. Sometimes, even after becoming dry, the entire crop is ruined.
Keeping this in mind, the government is providing subsidies to all those farmers. Those who are already registered on the Kisan Portal. Apart from this, farmers whose registration is not on the Kisan Portal. The government is unable to provide this benefit to them and they are deprived of the government’s grant money.

Assistance to farmers

The government helps all those farmers who are already registered on the Kisan Portal because the government has complete proof of their being a farmer. So if you also register yourself on KISAN PANJIKARAN portal. So whenever you have any problem related to the crop, you will be able to get help from the Department of Agriculture immediately.

Apart from all these benefits, farmers also get many more types of benefits through UP DBT AGRICULTURE or UPAGRICULTURE.COM.


If you get your KISAN PANJIKARAN through DBT AGRICULTURE or UPAGRICULTURE.COM, then you have to collect and keep the following documents with you. If all these documents are not available with you, then you will not be able to do KISAN PANJIKARAN.

  • Aadhar Card ????
  • Bank passbook ????
  • Mobile number linked to Aadhaar card ????
  • Passport Size Photo ????
  • E mail ID ????
  • Full details of Farmer’s Bank ????
  • Complete details of the farmer’s land ????
  • Imitation of measles Khatouni ????
  • Or details of holding book ????

Whichever of these important documents apply, you have to collect and keep all these documents with you. If you do not have any of these documents. So get that document ready immediately.


How to register on DBT AGRICULTURE PORTAL ???? And what its process is, we are going to tell you in detail here. Please do read the complete information once before registering. Only then register yourself.

kisan panjikaran up


UP KISAN PANJIKARAN successfully follow the procedure given below, after that complete your registration regularly.

  • First of all, to KISAN PANJIKARAN Up , you should visit this Upagriculture official website.
    After opening the website successfully, the home page of UPAGRICULTURE.COM will open in front of you.
  • Now you will see the option to register here.
  • After this you have to click on the Register option as shown below.
  • As soon as you click on it, another new page will open in front of you.
  • You will see two links to register here, click on the first link or one of the second link and register yourself.
  • As soon as you click on this link, a registration form will open in front of you.
  • You will be asked the following information here.
  • ???? Your name |
  • ???? Your address |
  • ???? Your father’s name.
  • ???? Your date of birth |
  • ???? Complete details of your bank account
  • ???? Full description of your land
  • Enter all this information here.
  • After this, you will have to upload some of your important documents here.
  • You successfully upload all your documents here.
  • After this you successfully submit this application form.
  • In this way, you will be able to apply for KISAN PANJIKARAN UP very easily.

Note- As soon as you successfully get your registration done on Kisan registration or UP DBT AGRICULTURE PORTAL, now you will be considered eligible to avail the government grant funds and the central government directly on the state government grant money or your bank Will be received in the account

Check status of KISAN PANJIKARAN

If you have made KISAN PANJIKARAN then you can check the status of your KISAN PANJIKARAN UP online as follows.

1.➡️UP AGRICULTURE DBT AGRICULTURE KISAN PANJIKARAN up To check the status, click here and go to the official website. 4
2. After successfully going, click on View Registration Status.
3. Now, you fill up your registration number here, which will have been sent to you on the mobile number.
4. Submit after filling the registration number.
5.7 Now you will be shown the complete information about your registration here.
6. Thus you can check your registration status online.

See list of KISAN PANJIKARAN beneficiaries.

If you want to see the list of all the farmers who have received or received grant money from the government, then you can also check this list online by following the procedure.

1. First click on the link given here and go to the Up agriculture official website to check the grant amount.
2. As soon as this website opens in front of you, now you will see the option of beneficiaries list here.
3. You have to click above this option.
4. As soon as you click on it, it will take you to another new page.
5. Now you have to select the list of beneficiaries of the year here.
6. According to the information given below, select the option to see the list of beneficiaries here.
7. After this, you will have to click above to see the list.
8. After this, you have to choose your district and gram panchayat.
9. Now you can see the list of all the beneficiaries of your village here.


The important objective of UP AGRICULTURE PORTAL is to provide assistance to all farmers. Those who do not get complete information about agriculture. And not able to do agriculture properly. To all those peasant brothers. Complete information is obtained through UP DBT AGRICULTURE PORTAL. And at the same time to do necessary agricultural work for them. Equipment is also provided. And at the same time grant money is also provided to them. So that he can do some work properly.


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Thanks for reading this article till the end…

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