New Shiksha Niti, New Education Policy, National Education Policy 2022

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Modi government has decided to make another big announcement in the field of education, it is being told that the government is going to implement the new Shiksha Niti all over India soon. After which the level of education will be particularly important.

In order to implement this new national education policy across India as soon as possible, the Modi government along with the Council of Ministers has announced to change it. In the last three-four years, there were several discussions between the government to implement the new Shiksha Niti, but now Prime Minister Narendra Modi has prepared to implement this new education policy.

Today, the discussion of New Shiksha Niti to be started by this Prime Minister is going on fast throughout the country. It is being told that the system of education which is in the country recently, but is a bit backward, which according to this new 21st century is not so efficient. And keeping this in mind, the government is making the strategy of New Shiksha Niti in this 21st century.

The future of any country depends on its education, where the education is the best, that country is the highest growth modality by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development and UGC while addressing the National Education Policy 2021 laid the foundation of new education policy Is

National Education Policy 2022

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National Education Policy 2022 / National Education Policy 2021

➡️ National Education Policy: The 34-year-old National Education Policy 1986 will be replaced in place of what was implemented earlier.

➡️ It was formed in June 2017 for the implementation of National Education Policy 2021, a committee headed by former ISRO chief Dr. K Kasturi Ganj. This committee submitted its proposal on the new education policy in May 2019.

➡️ A new national education policy is being introduced, this education policy is the third education policy of independent India, before this the first education policy in 1968, second education policy in 1986 and now this third education policy is going to be implemented.

India’s first education policy was brought under the tenure of Mrs. Indira Gandhi and the second education policy in India was brought under the government of Rajiv Gandhi. And after this, in 1992, PV Narasimha Rao amended the education policy.

➡️ Modi government has made many changes in the new education policy after 34 years.

In this new education policy of the government, the burden of the board exams on children was reduced, and it has been told that now there will be only one regulator for higher education.

➡️ And after that in this new education policy, if a child leaves his studies, then he can start his studies from there again, his middle education will not go in vain.

10 10 + 2 will be finished in schools and will start form of 5 + 3 + 3

 For the first 5 years of school, the student will be included in the foundation state including 3 years of pre primary school, class one and class two.

➡️ Under the new education policy, a special syllabus will be prepared for studies for these 5 years.

In the new education policy, the next 3 years will be from stage 3 to 5.

  • ➡️ After this, if the student comes in the sixth grade, then he will be given professional and skill education, internship will also be done at the local level so that the student can get good employment opportunities.
  • ➡️ Stage 4- It will have classes 9 to 12, whose time will be 4 years.
  • In this, students will have the freedom to choose the subject according to themselves.
  • ➡️ According to the students, all other reading of Scienceia Mathematics will be given the full approval. Previously, only students from class 1 to 10 could hear the subject only in class 11, but now they will be able to do it right from the beginning.

Special changes will be made in government schools under the new education policy.

  •  After the new education policy of the government is implemented, all the children will have to pass the first 5 years in the foundation stage, but before that it was not so far, all the government schools had to start the class from class one.
  • The last 2 years of the foundation stage will be the first class and the second grade, after the 5-year foundation stage, the child will enter the third grade.

There will be 5 more levels for children before the third grade in government schools.

Their system is like this 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 education system will be for the first 5 years 8 years. You can understand the meaning of this, that now information will start getting admission in the school within 3 years.

➡️ After that the next 3 years to 8 years old children

Highlights of the new education policy: –

  • Under the new education policy, children up to class 5 will be taught by their mother tongue and local regional language and they will be given the same knowledge, after this, it can be increased even after class 8, after this, when the students prepare for secondary level then they will get foreign Knowledge of languages ​​will be given, but it has also been told in the new education policy that no language will be imposed on any student.
  • After implementing this National Education Policy 2021, the government has announced to give a boost to the standard of education by 2030.
  • There are still many children who are away from basic education, after the implementation of this new national education policy of the government, all children will be able to get education.
  • After the implementation of the new education policy, the government has made some special changes in its curriculum like replacing the 10 + 2 of the school syllabus with 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 syllabus.
  • Her later 3 years is for 8 to 11 year olds
  • In the next 3 years thereafter, children from 11 years to 14 years and the last 4 years of school are set for 14 to 18 children.

Education education will be given to children from sixth grade: –

In the new education policy, the Modi government has also made a provision to provide employment education for children. Under which special skills of children will be enhanced.

➡️ In the new Shiksha Niti, now the children will be given professional and school education from the sixth grade and whatever information is available about the local internship will also be made available to the children.

The government will give special emphasis on their skills to the students who are special leaders in the field of skills and at the same time, the importance of professional education will be taught and explained to them in full.

New Shiksha Niti will be easy in 10th and 12th board examination: –

  • Due to the implementation of the new education policy, the government has reduced the pressure of the board on the children, which was previously on the minds of the children of the 10th and 12th board class, and with the implementation of this new education policy, It will be reduced.
  • In view of this new education policy in the 10th and 12th board examinations, major changes will be made, such as conducting examinations twice a year, conducting examinations in two parts and adding the marks of all those examinations, the result of the children will be declared.
  • In the day after tomorrow, according to the new education policy, special emphasis will be given on testing their knowledge so that they do not need to keep any subject, they can understand it and know about it so that their intelligence will develop.

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