PMGDISHA Centre Registration In CSC Online Apply 2020

PMGDISHA Centre Registration In CSC Online Apply 2020

(PMGDISHA Centre Registration) Under the Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Literacy Campaign, this scheme has been launched for all the people living in rural areas. Under this scheme computer training will be made available for the weak and economically backward persons who absolutely It will be free and for this, a lot of commission will also be given for the people who open the center, if you too Nmntri Read complete join if you want to make a new start-up business went details below with rural digital literacy campaign.

What is PMGDisha Prime Minister’s Rural Digital Literacy Campaign?

PMGDISHA is the Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Abhiyan campaign that is contributing to make people stand on their feet. This scheme has been approved by our Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 8 February 2017. And PMGDISHA project has been announced by their Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jelly in Union Budget 2016-2017. A budget of Rs 2,351.38 crore has been kept for the PMGDISHA (Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Abhiyan Abhiyan) project and the target taken for this project was to teach 6 crore students and make them digitally literate by the financial year 2019.


How to open New PMGDisha Center

To open PMGDisha Center, you have to open CSC Center. CSC Center is provided absolutely free of cost. If you have a CSC Jan Seva Kendra, then you can easily provide education to your nearest children under the Prime Minister Rural Digital Literacy Campaign for free. And for this you will be given a substantial commission.


How to open PMG Disha Center through CSC Center.

By connecting with CSC Jan Seva Kendra, you are getting huge benefits as it includes large government services. Through CSC Jan Seva Kendra, you can provide computer education to the children of rural areas under the rural digital literacy campaign. Along with Jan Seva Kendra, PMGDisha Center is made available to you, you do not know how to open CSC Center Is described below.

How much commission is received for opening PMG Disha Center

If you open the PMG Disha Kendra under the Prime Minister Rural Digital Literacy Campaign, then you are paid a commission of ₹ 300 per student for this, all the students you train from here, then send that amount to your bank account. It is given and from here the CSC public service center operators are making a lot of profit and they have trained many people.


CSC PMGDisha Apply

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