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Samagra id Madhya Pradesh Govt. (Bahujan Hitayi Bahujan Sukhaya) based on the most vulnerable, poor, aged, laborer, disabled, as well as girls, widows and abandoned women and children dependent on them, sick members of society living in Madhya Pradesh Samagra portal has been created to provide complete social security.

Through which the benefits of these government services can be made available to all the people, then if you also want to avail this, then please read the information given below.

 Samagra ID ( SSSM ID ) ?

SSSM ID is an identification number of 9 digits issued by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. It is issued to all family members, all residents of the state are provided with their information with the help of 8-digit family ID. This SSSM ID and Family ID are the identity of the person and family of Madhya Pradesh.


Types of Composite IDs:

There are two types of Samagra id- Samagra Family id, samagra member Id

Samagra Family ID – This ID is provided to the entire family as a single ID, this ID is used to identify the entire family, which we know as the name of the entire family ID.
Composite Member ID (SSSM ID) – This ID is issued separately for all family members so that all the family members can be identified separately.

Benefits of Composite ID |

After getting the overall ID, the following types of government services and all these benefits are given to the family members.

  1. This SSSM ID registration process is very easy and free, you can create your entire ID for free, and take advantage of government services.
  2. With this SSSM ID, you will get benefit in hospitals offices or any government work.
  3. samagra Id is a special form of identification that will enable all citizens of Madhya Pradesh to get all
  4. government services and bring transparency in providing government services.
  5. All sections of the government will be benefited by the implementation of this samagra member Id. All persons will be easily identified.
  6. Earlier some citizens were deprived of the benefits of government schemes, but now they will be able to be
  7. identified with the overall ID and they will get the benefit of this scheme.
  8. Some people used to avail government services one to two or many times before the process of registration of
  9. samagra member id and they could not be identified but now after samagra id all such people will be identified and they will be identified once. The benefits of the scheme will be available.

Use of samagra ID Cards |

This SSSM ID is used significantly when you apply for BPL Ration Card.
To get admission in school in Madhya Pradesh, you are asked for SSSM ID, where you have to show this overall ID card.
If you reside in the state of Madhya Pradesh and are looking for a job. So to apply for any job here, you are asked for the overall ID number, where you have to give this number.

Required documents.

If you want any family member to join the Samagra portal, then you have to submit the following documents.

  • Identity certificate |
  • Voter ID Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Ration Card
  • 10th mark sheet
  • Certificate of residence
  • water bill
  • electricity bill
  • Residence certificate etc.
  • Two passport size photos.
  • Mobile number |

How to do SSSM ID registration?

In order to register new SSSM ID, first of all the concerned officials go to all the houses and survey it. Like he goes to all the house to get the information of the family members, the headman’s name, the members name, age, marital related information, educational qualification, by collecting all this information, he gets 9 digit unique SSSM ID of all the family members and all Provide 8 digits unique family ID of the family.

sssm id


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