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Samgra ID Portal MP online, Samagra ID,Samgra ID Download,Samgra ID list,SSSM ID,Find Samagra Id By Aadhar Card, Registration Online, Search Family Id, or Member Name

To avail all government schemes of Madhya Pradesh government, you must have a composite ID, this is a compulsory card. If you do not have this comprehensive card, then understand that you will not be getting the benefit of any government services. Making a composite card is very easy and simple, just for this, you should have some information, which we are going to tell you here.

In the Madhya Pradesh government, whether you have to take ration or you have to get free treatment in the government hospitals, apart from this, you have to take advantage of pension-related services or enroll your children in school, so the entire card is used everywhere. It becomes an important document.

If you too are going around the government offices here to get your overall card made and after that, you are reading this post here, then now it may be a golden opportunity for you because after reading the post given here you will get government You will not have to make rounds of offices and you will be able to get your overall card made directly.

So if you also want to get the entire card and want to give benefits of all government services to your family, then read the information below carefully and follow all the rules of the process.

Samagra Id important document

Samagra id Madhya Pradesh Govt. (Bahujan Hitayi Bahujan Sukhaya) based on the most vulnerable, poor, aged, laborer, disabled people as well as girls, widows and abandoned women and children dependent on them, sick members of society living in Madhya Pradesh Samagra Portal has been created to provide complete social security.

Through which the benefits of these government services can be made available to all the people, then if you too want to avail this, then please read the information given below.

Samagra ID (SSSM ID)?

SSSM ID is an identification number of 9 digits issued by Madhya Pradesh government. It is issued to all family members, all residents of the state are provided with their information with the help of 8-digit family ID. This SSSM ID and Family ID is the identity of the person and family of Madhya Pradesh.

Types of Samagra ID :

There are two types of Samagra id- Samagra Family id, samagra member Id

Samagra Family ID – This ID is provided to the entire family as a single ID, this ID is used to identify the entire family, which we know as the name of the entire family ID.
Composite Member ID (SSSM ID) – This ID is issued separately for all family members so that all the family members can be identified separately.

Benefits of samagra id 

After getting the overall ID, the following types of government services and all these benefits are given to the family members.

This SSSM ID registration process is very easy and free, you can create your Samagra ID for free, and take advantage of government services.
With this SSSM ID, you will get benefits in hospitals offices or any government work.
samagra Id is a special form of identification that will enable all citizens of Madhya Pradesh to get all government services and bring transparency in providing government services.
All sections of the government will be benefited by the implementation of this samagra member Id. All persons will be easily identified.
Earlier some citizens were deprived of the benefits of government schemes, but now they will be able to be identified with the overall ID and they will get the benefit of this scheme.
Before the process of registration of samagra member Id some people used to avail government services one to two or many times and they could not be identified but now after samagra id all such people will be identified and they will be identified only once. The benefits of the scheme will be available.


uses of samagra ID CARD ?

This SSSM ID is used significantly when you apply BPL RATION CARD.
To get admission in school in Madhya Pradesh, you are asked for SSSM ID, where you have to show this overall ID card.
If you reside in the state of Madhya Pradesh and are looking for a job. So to apply for any job here, you are asked for the overall ID number, where you have to give this number.

Required documents.?

If you want any family member to join Samagra Portal, then you have to submit the following documents.

▶️Identification Certificate |

  • Voter ID Card
  • Aadhar Card Ration Card
  • 10th marksheet

▶️Certificate of residence

  • water bill
  • electricity bill

▶️Residence certificate etc.

  • Two passport size photos.
  • Mobile number |
  • Aadhar Card etc.


How to do SSSM ID registration?

In order to register new SSSM ID, first of all the concerned officials go to all the houses and survey it. Like they all go home and get information about family members.

By collecting the name of the headman, member name, age, marital related information, educational qualification, he provides 9 digit unique SSSM ID of all family members and unique family ID of 8 digits to all families.


There are two ways to apply for a complete ID card –

1- ▶️To get an Samagra ID card online, you have to apply online by visiting its website, whose details we are going to tell you below.

2-➡️ Samagra ID card can also be made by applying offline but for this you will have to submit this application by going to the government office and we are going to tell you the details of that process as well.


Through this process, you can apply to get the Samagra ID card online.

  • – To apply for the Samagra ID card online,↙️ first click here and go to the official website.👈
    After successfully opening the website, you will see the page shown below.
  • – Now you will see a new option here. All Citizen Service has to click on its option.
  • After clicking here, you will see two options.

1- Register the family.
2- Register the member

  • Please note: – If none of your family has a complete card, then you have to select the option to register the family here.
  • – And if the overall card of the family remains from your family. Then you will have to register the member and click above.
  • – Now you have to register the family as per your choice here or click on the above registration of the member  as we tell you further information by clicking above register family here.
  • – As soon as you click on the family registration, an application form will open in front of you.
  • – Here you will see a new options request request OTP to verify registration on a new family member, from here you have to verify the family member.
    After this, you have to fill the information of family head details here.
  • ➡️Samgra ID address detail
  • – After this, you have to fill the address related information here.
  • To fill the address-related information, you have to select your district here, after that you will have to select your John and Colony, and fill your complete address correctly.
  • ➡️samagra ID document uploads
  • – After filling all the application forms, you will have to upload the documents here.
  • ➡️Samagra Id family member add
  • – Now you have to add a family member here, so give the details of the family member you want to add here.
  • After this, you have to click on the add member and add the family member here.
  • – After filling all the information in this way, you have to successfully complete your application.

samagra id

Offline application process to connect family members with SSSM ID.

You can also fill an offline application to connect any new family member to Samagra Portal or SFM ID.

  • For this, you have to go to the concerned office.
  • From there you will get offline application form.
  • Fill all the information sought in the application form correctly.
  • Fill the complete details of any new member you want to add.
  • After this, attach some necessary documents with it.
  • After this, submit this filled application form to this concerned office.
  • After a few days your member will be added to your overall family ID.

Why is Samagra ID important?

  • Composite ID is used in the following government schemes.
  • Pension aid
  • Vivah Support
  • Scholarship education promotion
  • Insurance assistance
  • Maternity relief
  • Maternity leave assistance
  • Children with disabilities
  • Labor cadre card holder
  • Destitute children residing in the orphanage
  • Financial assistance to mentally retarded polyglot
  • The destitute old man residing in Vriddhvashram
  • Beneficiary of social security pension


What is the usefulness of Samagra ID?

  • Beneficiary will get freedom from repeated applications and government offices from repeated verification work.
  • The benefits of the schemes are eligibility based ie if the beneficiiciary is eligible for any of the schemes on the
  • basis of Samagra portal, then he will be given the benefit of the schemes as per rules.
  • 100% verification of Beneficiaries and doubling of schemes will be avoided.
  • Ineligible Beneficiaries will be removed from Programo.
  • Beneficiary will get instant benefits as an entitlement based on their eligibility
  • Immediately after acceptance of assistance, assistance will be available to the Beneficiary through bank / post office. He will not have to visit the offices.
  • There will be transparency in the plan. Information to beneficiiciaries will remain on the portal.
  • Nationalized banks will be helpful in opening verified account of citizens.

Samagra Family ID. And member ID. How to take

Samagra Family ID and Member ID. For getting the information, contact can also be made at the respective offices of Gram Panchayat / Janpad Panchayat and Urban Bodies (Municipal Corporation / Municipality / Nagar Panchayat) and District Level in your area.
Samagra Family ID by entering your required information by selecting your region on Samagra Portal (👈 And Member ID. Can be obtained.

samagra id

Search Samagra id☑️

Registration of Samastas Family and Family Members residing in the state has been done on Samagra Portal.

With the registration of family and family members on the portal, as well as the Samagra portal, the 8-digit Samagra Family ID for the family itself. And 9-digit Samagra Member ID for Family Membership. Are generated.

This Samagra Family ID and Members ID. Helps in availing benefits of any government scheme. This is both Samagra Family ID and Member ID. A unique ID. Huh.

Samagra Family ID. Benefits from: – 4

Madhya Pradesh Govt. Various Beneficiary oriented schemes are implemented by Samagra Family ID and Member ID for all Beneficiary oriented schemes and services. Helpful if all the information of Beneficiary is verified on the portal.

If the Beneficiary fulfills all the conditions for the scheme and service, then one can easily avail the benefit of the said Beneficiary scheme. Samagra Family ID. And Member ID. On the basis of this, a person can go to the Samagra portal and see basic information related to himself and his family.


▶️Samagra Portal objectives:

Rationalization of rates of scheme and Relief fund.
Simplify rules and procedures.
To computerize the process of various programo and to make Beneficiary oriented information and program information available on the portal for transparency and Govt. For the effective implementation of Beneficiary oriented schemes, an integrated database of all the citizens / family of the state is prepared and maintained.
Assistance to the eligible Beneficiary within the stipulated time frame without any hindrance.
To avoid the fulfillment of formalities in order to get help.
To prepare a database of Beneficiaries and to benefit the scheme for which Beneficiary is eligible, based on the database.

▶️Use e-banking facility to take minimum time to get help.

To reach out to the poor, destitute, handicapped and far-flung and disadvantaged Beneficiary.
Transparency and regular review in the implementation of schemes.
Samagra Portal: SSSM ID (

On Samagra portal, complete information about all the family and family members in the state, such as Name, Father’s Name, Caste, Business, Education, Marital Beneficiary, Saving account Number BPL Disability, etc. are available.

An important feature of the portal is that maternity assistance will be given as soon as the newborn is born on the portal, that name will be registered on that portal.

▶️As soon as he reaches the age of 3 years, he will be available for admission list in Anganwadi.

It will be used in the immunization program of the Department of Health.
As soon as he comes at the age of 5, he will have his name available in his list for admission to school. The school will refrain from the formality of filling the scholarship application form repeatedly in schools from classes 1 to 12.
Girls above 18 years of age who are in BPL category will be available to them in the list of Vivah help.
Beneficiary who live below the poverty line and are over 60 years of age will fall in the category of eligibility for pension.
If a working man dies in any family and soon after his death, widow pension will be sanctioned to his widowed wife along with National Family Assistance.
The benefit of national food security will also be ensured to all the eligible families who fall in the 22 eligibility categories.


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