UP Ration Card, UP New Ration Card List 2022, download BPL/APL Rashan card

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UP Ration Card List 2022 | Uttar Pradesh Ration Card | UP New Ration Card List 2022, download BPL/APL Rashan card 2022 | Ration Card Form

FCS, UP Ration Card: If you are from Uttar Pradesh and you want to apply for a new ration card (fcs.up.gov.in) or if you want to make a ration card amendment (UP Ration Card correction) or if If you want to see UP Ration Card list 2022 BPL / APL, then you are checking the right article. In this article, we are going to give you complete information related to UP Ration FCS.


up new Ration card list important point

Service name Uttar Pradesh Ration Card | up Ration card list
Name of the Department  Food and Logistics Department
Beneficiary  Uttar Pradesh Citizen
Uttar Pradesh Ration Card List  Click Here

 Ration Card Kya Hota Hai?

This Ration Card is an important document. Which is used in any government or semi government work in India Ration Card is provided by the state governments of all the states.

This is such a document, on the basis of which you are provided food grains, rice kerosene oil etc. by the government on subsidy. And along with this, this document is also known as your address proof.

How To Use of Ration Card

The Ration Card is one of the most important documents for a person residing in each of the states of India. This document is provided by the state government. Now, you can easily apply for Ration Card online and see Ration Card Status online.

The Ration Card for all citizens provides an important proof of identity and residence. It is necessary for making an domicile certificate, birth certificate, voter ID card etc.

You can also search your Ration Card by name, these are important documents to be used for taking advantage of all government schemes.

Subsidized food grains are available on ration cards

These Ration Cards provide recognition to the holder for the ration of subsidized food, fuel, or other goods issued by the Government of India. It is mainly used when purchasing subsidized foods such as (wheat, rice, sugar) and kerosene.

How to apply your state’s Ration Card and what documents are required for this, and from which official website do you have to apply online? We are going to give you all this information here. So complete the information given below.

See Benefits Of Ration Card @ Fcs Up

This Ration Card issued by the Government of India helps you in all these things.

  • ➡️Government and private offices
  • ➡️To take life insurance money.
  • ➡️To get a new LPG connection
  • ➡️To get your driving license online
  • ➡️To get your passport
  • ➡️To get an identity card
  • ➡️To buy mobile sim card
  • ➡️To open a bank account in any bank
  • ➡️To enroll in school college
  • ➡️For court work
  • ➡️To buy grain wheat rice sugar kerosene etc. on subsidy from Ration Card shop

new Rationcard-Digitization

If you are from Uttar Pradesh and want to check your or your family name in Uttar Pradesh Ration Card List 2022, you can do this by visiting the official website of ration card fcs.up.gov.in. From fcs.up.gov.in, you can check your name in the Uttar Pradesh New Ration Card List, let’s know the entire process.

UP Ration Card List. How to find name in Uttar Pradesh Ration Card List.

If you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh, then there is very good news for you people, the new UP Ration Card list 2022 has been released by the Uttar Pradesh government, in such a way, if you have added names to the ration card list in the previous year i.e. 2019. Can you check if your name is connected in 2022? Or you can also see if the UP Ration Card list 2022 BPL / APL includes your or your family name?

If you bill from any place in Uttar Pradesh, then you can check UP Ration Card list 2022 BPL / APL online only because UP Ration Card List District Wise has been made available on fcs.up.gov.in.

UP Ration Card List Online Kaise Dekhen

In Uttar Pradesh, ration cards are given to the beneficiaries of BPL and APL family, in such a situation, if you want to see the list of BPL and APL ration cards, you can do this through the website of fcs.up.gov.in. Because UP Ration Card list district wise has been made available on the website of fcs.up.gov.in and if you have 1 beneficiary for the ration card (NFSA beneficiary), then you can check your name information online in this list. .

Watching Up Card List 2022 can be beneficial for such people who have recently applied to add the name to the ration card list or even interested people who want to check the ration card list that their next – Who are the people of Bagel Ration Card beneficiaries.

Every year the UP Ration Card list BPL / APL is issued by the Department of Government NFSA, the names of many new families are also added to the UP Ration Card list and the names of such families who are really entitled for ration cards are also removed. Is not. So checking Uttar Pradesh Ration Card list can be a reason for you. You can make sure that your name has been included in the ration card list this year?


Name of the scheme -Uttar Pradesh Ration Card, UP Ration Card online
Food and Logistics Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh
State -Uttar Pradesh
Official Website –Click Here
Status on
All ration card holders of beneficiary Uttar Pradesh

How to see name in ration card list. NAME CHECK. FCS.UP.GOV.IN RATION LIST NAME CHECK

To perform UP Ration Card list 2022 BPL / APL check, you have to follow the procedure given below.

  • ➡ First of all, go to the official website of Uttar Pradesh Ration Card fcs.up.gov.in Food portal.? Click here to go
  •  As soon as you go to the website, you have to click on the link to see the NFSA eligibility list. fcs.up.gov.in Click here to see the ↙️FSC Eligibility List direct link.
  • ➡ Now the eligibility list of Uttar Pradesh National Food Security Act NFSA will open in front of you. In which the name of all the districts present in the state of Uttar Pradesh will be visible.
  •  The name of all the district will appear in front of you, click on the ration card list for any district as shown below here.

new Rationcard-Digitization

  • After selecting the district, you will be asked to select the Town or Tehsil, then select the Town or Tehsil from which you have billed.


  • Now the list of ration cards will appear in front of you, but before that you will have to choose the name of your ration card dealer, ie you have to select which store of your ration card is there.

ration card apl list

  • As soon as the dealer is selected, the name and Ration Card Number of all the Ration Card holders are visible under that dealer, from which you can find your name wherever it is. (If the list is long, you can resort to Control + F to find the name, using this option, a search box will open in front of you in which you will be able to enter your name and check your name in the ration card list).
  • On clicking on where the ration card number will be written, the ration card will open in front of you in the next page, which you will also be able to download the Ration Card through this website.

Up rashan list

How to check your name in UP NFSA BENEFICIARY LIST?

  • If you want to check your name in the Up NFSA eligibility list fcs.up.gov.in list, then you can do this only by giving your ration card information.
  • To help you in doing this, here we are telling you the complete process to check UP NFSA Eligibility List, fcs.up.gov.in.

new NFSA-eligibility-list

  • First of all go to the official website of Uttar Pradesh Ration Card fcs.up.gov.in. Click here to go
  •  As soon as you go to the website, at the bottom you will see a link to search in the NFC eligibility list as shown through the picture below.
  • ➡ Now the search page has opened in the eligibility list of National Food Security Act NFSA. Where you can check NFSA eligibility list through two means, first by entering ration card number and second by entering ration card and other details. 4
  • Enter the details of whoever is present with you. The given captcha code will also have to be entered. As soon as you enter your information, you will have to click on the search button.
  • ➡ If you are a beneficiary of NFSA then your information will be found in the NFSA eligibility list list. 4
    NFS se eligibility list direct link: – https://nfsa.up.gov.in/Food/citizen/NFSASearch.aspx
  • If you are a Ration Card holder, then the ration will be made available to you by the government at a very low price.


Every person who is a Ration Card holder in Uttar Pradesh is given heavy exemption on ration and grains such as flour, rice, sugar etc. under the National Fertilizer Protection Act NFSA.

✅ Flour: – ₹ 2 per kg
✅ Rice: – ₹ 3 per kg
✅ Sugar: – ₹ 13.50 per kg

How to apply for Uttar Pradesh New Ration Card. UP NEW RATION CARDAPPLY. APPLY FOR NEW RATION CARD IN UP 2022

If you are from Uttar Pradesh and do not yet have a ration card, then you can apply for an up ration card, but you have to keep in mind that the application for the ration card cannot be done online, for this you can apply in your block You can do it by going or you can also apply by going to Sftp counter, let’s know its complete process.

  4. Ration cards in Uttar Pradesh are mainly of three modes and are distributed separately to different categories of people which are as follows.
  • ➡ APL Ration Card: – Above Poverty Line This is issued to the families coming above the poverty line. Under APL Ration Card, the color of ration card is saffron color.
  • ➡ BPL Ration Card: – Below Poverty Line It is issued to families living below the poverty line. This type of ration card is either pink or red.
  • ➡ AAY Ration Card: – Antyodaya it is issued to people belonging to economically weaker section. This type of ration card is found yellow.

Documents required to make a NEW RATION CARD ONLINE REQUIRED DOCUMENT / Ration Card.

If you are from Uttar Pradesh and are thinking that the ration card should be applied completely online, then it is not possible that you can fill the application form for the ration card only by yourself, it will be applied by your block.

Following are some of the required documents for ration card application which are as follows. Ration Card online required document

  • Documents required for Ration Card / NEW RATION CARD REQUIRED DOCUMENT
  • ➡ Application Form Departmental Form Part One; Click here and download.
  • ➡ Aadhaar card photocopy.
  • ➡ Bank account details (Bank account number, IFSC code, Account holder name) Generally a copy of the first page.
  • ➡ Residential Certificate.
  • Oath certificate related to serial number “A” number 10 to 11 of departmental application form. (Oath certificate is included in the application form itself)
  • Photo of all family members
  • Aadhar card number with any member present in the family.

Up New Ration card list

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