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Mukyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana UP, Mukhyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana, Uttar Pradesh Abhyudaya Yojana Online Registration, Mukhyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana Application Form,Free Tablat Yojana

A new scheme has recently been launched by the Uttar Pradesh government, named Mukyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana. Under this scheme, all such students will be included, who are interested in studying but do not have enough resources and money to study, this scheme has been launched by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Adityanath Yogi Ji in this scheme. Under the scheme, poor and economically backward children will be given coaching for free and they will be made self-reliant to be selected in competitive examinations.

The government has started Mukyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana recently and the government has also released the official website for it, where all kinds of information will be made available for the students if you also want to prepare for competitive examinations for employment. So you too can take advantage of this scheme of the government. For complete information about how to avail the benefit of this scheme and how it will be registered, read the post below carefully where you will understand all the things easily.


UP CM Abhyudaya Yojan Key Points

Name of the scheme CM Abhyudaya Yojana
The objective of the scheme To prepare the poor students for competitive examination
the scheme releases the Uttar Pradesh government
Beneficiary a resident of Uttar Pradesh
Official Website Click here

abhiday yojana Mukhyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana

About Chief Minister Abhyudaya Yojana?

Many people are not aware of this new Mukyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana of the government, then let us tell them that this scheme has been launched by the government to provide free coaching to students for being selected for all types of competitive examinations. Has gone In this scheme, such students will be included, who do not have money to do coaching, then all such students can be registered in this scheme. Here students will be provided coaching services here. Will be provided so that they will become self-sufficient.

Start of Abhyudaya Yojana?

Abhyudaya Yojana has been started by the Chief Minister in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The government has launched this scheme on 16 February 2021 on the auspicious day of Basant Panchami. Under this scheme, free training centers will be set up and the decision will be taken by the government to conduct them at the headquarters of each division by concerned Mandalayukta, and in the next steps, the centers will be set up in each district in this scheme. Has been made perfection-free.

Which of the competitive examinations will be prepared here?

The question in the mind of the students is which examinations will be prepared in the Abhyudaya scheme run by the government, as mentioned by the government, the following examinations will be included here, details of which are as follows.

  • UPSC / UPPSC Preliminary Examination
  • UPSC / UPPSC Men’s
  • UPSC / UPPSC Interview
  • NDA.
  • Cda
  • Neet
  • Other competitive exams UPSSSC, TET etc.

a Mukhyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana

Objectives to start Mukhyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana?

In the state of Uttar Pradesh, all the students who are willing to study are involved in many types of exams but their preparation is not so good that they can succeed in these competitive examinations because their financial condition is not so good. Keeping in mind the preparation of all the competitive examinations like Uttar Pradesh Government, IAS, PCS, IPS, NDS, CDS, NEET, JEE, and in addition to all the state level competitive examinations have been included here. Special facilities will be provided by the government here for all those students who are struggling with financial situation and cannot buy books or study material to read.

This scheme will provide special benefit to the early children and they will be able to do their special preparations from here, while the poverty-stricken students will also be provided special help, here students will be able to take online coaching classes as well as provide coaching classes to them offline. Will go and through many types of video classes and videos, education material will also be delivered to the students.

How to register under Mukhyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana?

To register yourself in the Mukhyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana launched by the Uttar Pradesh government, you will have to register yourself as follows.

  • To register in Uttar Pradesh Abhyudaya Yojana, first of all visit its official website.✔
  • After successfully opening the website, the page shown below will be displayed in front of you.
  • Now you have to choose your official language here, you can choose any language in Hindi or English.
  • After this, you have to click on the button of user login to register yourself here.
  • After this, you will see a popup here, in which the user registration will be written below, you will have to click on it.
  • After this, a list of all the competitive exams will appear in front of you, you have to click on any examination under which you want to register.
  • Now an application form will open in front of you, in which you will have to fill some of your personal information.
  • After filling the information, successfully submit the application.
  • After this you will be registered here and you will be informed about s.m.s. Will be made available through and on your email id.

How to login user into Abhyudaya Yojana?

  • Such persons who have been registered as users here, can log in and provide information here.
  • For this, first you have to go to the official website.✔
  • Click on the user login after successfully opening the website.
  • Now you will be asked here the address of the username or email id.
  • After that you will have to enter your password here.
  • After successfully entering the ID and password, click on the login button.
  • After this, the user’s dashboard will be logged here.
  • Now user can get information from here.

What will be the syllabus in Mukhyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana?

Other competitive examinations have been included here by the Chief Minister to promote the students in this scheme and to be included in the competitive examinations.

  • Union Public Service Commission
  • Indian Forest Service
  • National defense services
  • Central defense services
  • Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission
  • IAS
  • PCS
  • IPS
  • NDS
  • CDS
  • NEET
  • JEE

Application for interview classes?

In Mukyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana, it has been told to the students that for those students who want to join this scheme and take advantage of free coaching classes, then applications for all of them have been started here as well It has been told that the applications will be open from 2:00 pm on February 22 to 8:00 pm on February 22, after which the application will not be accepted. Students who want to take their classes here already have to register their 28 here.

Distribution of Mukhyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana Tablet?

While announcing the new budget in Uttar Pradesh on 22 February 2021, the government has mentioned some special things in this new budget. Under this budget, the government has mentioned giving tablets to 10 lakh youths in the Abhyudaya Yojana. It has been told by the government That soon eligibility and conditions will also be issued for this and after this,

students will be provided special help in studying through this tablet and if such students who take online coaching classes, then they can easily with the help of this tablet Will be able to get education from Such poor students, who do not have money to take mobiles, will be able to easily get tablets by joining this scheme and through which it will be easier for them to get better education.

Mukhyamantri Abhyudaya Yojana

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