Airtel Payments Bank CSP Login, Airtel Mitra Retailer Apply 2022

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Airtel Bank Agent, Airtel Payments Bank CSP Agent कैसे बने | New Airtel Mitra Retailer Apply Process | airtel CSP commission | airtel csp registration | airtel csp commission

Airtel Payments Bank CSP – How to open Customer Service Center – Airtel Mitra Retailer Onboarding Process

Airtel Payments Bank CSP – To open Airtel Payment Bank Customer Service Center, you have to have Airtel’s LAPU (LAPU – Local Area Payment Unit SIM) as well as it is very important to have your own shop

And you can make your shop a digital shop. Paytm Payments Bank comes under the category of transactions under Payments Bank in India, which provides services such as opening an account of customers, depositing money, withdrawing money, etc. You can offer all these services only at your Airtel payment bank center, which will also give you a good commission and from which you will be able to earn good (Open Airtel payment bank: Airtel Payment Bank CSP)


Airtel Payments Bank CSP Agent Information

Artical Name Airtel Payments Bank CSP Agent
Service Banking
Service Type✔️ Online
Website ✔️ Click Here
Beneficiary✔️ All Airtel Retailer

Benefits Airtel Payment Bank CSP | airtel csp commission : –

  • If you open Airtel Payments Bank CSP, you can open the accounts of your customers.
  • No fee is charged for opening the account of customers in Airtel Payment Bank.
  • An account is opened with zero balance in Airtel Payment Bank.
  • All types of subsidy are provided in the account of Airtel Payment Bank.
  • The Airtel Payment Bank CSP holders do not charge any additional fees.
  • If you open an Airtel payment bank CSP, then you are paid a good commission on every transaction.
  • On opening a new Airtel payment bank account, the customer is also given a virtual ATM card.
  • An account number is received within 5 minutes of opening an online Airtel payment bank account.
  • Whoever opens a customer’s account through BC Merchant Airtel Payment Bank is given a commission  ( airtel csp commission ) of up to ₹ 50.

airtel Payment Bnak commition,Airtel Payments Bank CSP

Where to get airtel friend Lapu number / how to get airtel Lapu sim

  • If you live in Uttar Pradesh, you can contact us to get Airtel Lapu number.
  • If you do not reside in Uttar Pradesh and come from another state, then you will have to contact your nearest Airtel store for this.
  • There you will have to tell that if you want to become an Airtel Payments Bank bank friend, then they will give you information about it and your number will be converted into Lapu number, it will be provided a new SIM.

Open Airtel payment bank onboarding process

First, download the Airtel Mitra app from Play Store

airtel payment bank

  • Open the application after

airtel payment bank 12 Airtel Payments Bank CSP

  • After this enter your Airtel lapu number in it and verify with OTP

airtel payment bank 13 Airtel Payments Bank CSP

  • After this set your 4 digit PIN and login the application
  • After this you select the Airtel Payment Bank Service above
  • After this enter your Airtel lapu number again
  • Then get the OTP verified
  • Get KYC done after verification with OTP
  • Enter your Aadhaar card number and do KYC.
  • After KYC, fill all the information in the phone correctly and submit it.
  • After that check and submit the application.
  • After this, you have to wait for 24 to 48 hours and your Airtel payment bank service will start.

How to open Airtel Payment Bank in your village city ?

To open Airtel payment bank in your village or town, you must first go to the Airtel office of your district. Airtel’s office has been opened in all the districts of all states. In which all Airtel related services are resolved.

You have to go to the Airtel showroom and get information from there. How can you open Airtel’s payment bank because as you would know that Airtel gives its payment bank to the same people who work with Airtel like if you sell Airtel’s SIM or recharge Airtel. So from Airtel, Airtel payment bank is also given to you.

With which you can make good money by connecting with Airtel, when you go to Airtel office and get information from them that you want to open Airtel’s retailer and Airtel payment bank in your village, then I will give you the information and give you Airtel Payments Bank And you can start working by connecting with it.

Apart from this, you can remove the number of Airtel ASM TSM in your district by visiting the official website of Airtel or you can contact Airtel by going to Contact Us and after contacting you there you will get Airtel payment bank provider in your area. Will be told about where you can avail the services of Airtel

Documents required to open Airtel Payment Bank CSP.

If you want to take Airtel Payment Bank CSP, then you must have the following documents.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • mobile number
  • Email came
  • Airtel sim
  • Cost to open Airtel payment bank

If you want to open the CSP of Airtel Payment Bank, then it is very easy, for this you do not have to spend any more.
But to open the Airtel Payment Bank CSP, you are given a SIM or your SIM is converted into a Lapu SIM, for which you can be charged something.

List of Airtel Payment Bank Services

  • 1. Saving Bank Account Opening
  • Bharosa Saving Bank Account Opening
  • Regular Saving Bank Account Opening
  • 2. Cash Withdrawal
  • 3. Cash Deposit
  • 4. AePS ( Aadhaar Enabled Payment System)
  • 5. Domestic Money Transfer
  • 6. Utility Payment
  • 7. Motor Insurance
  • 8. Shop Insurance
  • 9. Social Security
  • 10. Mini Statement Service
  • 11. Mobile & DTH Recharge
  • 12. PMJJBY
  • 13. Home loan lead generation
  • 14. Insurance
  • 15. Customer’s Airtel SIM Activation

How To Open Airtel Payment Bank CSP | How to get CSP of Airtel Payment Bank?

To get the CSP of Airtel Payment Bank, you have to contact your nearest Airtel office. Where you have to tell that you want to open Airtel payment Bank CSP. They provide you information about it and at the same time give you a lapu sim from there.

You can open Airtel Payments Bank BC point through Lapu SIM. If you do not know where its office is in your area, you can also contact us to get information about opening Airtel Payments Bank. But let us tell you that if you want to open Airtel payment bank CSP anywhere in Uttar Pradesh, then we can help you only if you want to take it to any other state other than that, then you have to find an office for this.

You can contact us on this number to get Airtel payment Bank CSP in Uttar Pradesh.

Apply Airtel Payments Bank FAQ

Q. Where can customers open Airtel Payments Bank Account?

Ans. Customers can visit any Airtel Payments Bank banking point to open an account.

Q. What are the requirements for opening an Airtel Payments Bank account?

Ans. Aadhar card and active mobile number are required to open Airtel Payments bank account through Aadhaar biometric authentication process (airtel payment bank kyc). While on-boarding the customer, he is also asked to share his PAN card number. If the same is not available, then Form 60 is required.

Q. What can a customer do with his Airtel Payments bank account?

Ans. With Airtel Payments bank account, customers can deposit and withdraw cash, transfer funds to other Airtel Payments bank account. And can recharge mobile and DTH. Can pay bills, book tickets, pay shops, pay online.

Q. How can a customer deposit cash in his account?

Ans. Customer can deposit cash at any Airtel Payments Banking Point with just secure key. SecureKEY is nothing. But after clicking on the banking point on the cash point, the OTP sent to the customer’s mobile enters the customer’s mobile number and then the amount to be deposited.

Q. How can a customer withdraw cash from his Airtel Payments bank account?

Ans. Customers can withdraw cash at any Airtel Payments Bank banking point through the Aadhaar biometric authentication process, only through a finger scan.

Q. How can customers send / transfer money from one Airtel Payments bank account to another?


  • Customer can send / transfer money using any of the following methods:
  • My Airtel App: Airtel Payments Bank Section
  • IVR: Dial Rs 400 from the registered mobile number (Airtel customer) or 8800688006 (all customers)
  • USSD: Dial * 400 # from registered mobile number

Q. How can the customer reset the MPIN for his payment bank account?


  • Through the Airtel Payments Bank section of the My Airtel App, or
    Dialing * 400 # from your Airtel mobile via USSD, or
    By dialing IVR registered mobile number (Airtel customers) or 8800688006 (all customers)


  • The banking point can reset the customer’s mPIN through the Airtel Mitra app. Banking point after this: Airtel Mitra App ->
  • Airtel Payments Bank Main Menu -> “
  • mPIN reset customer” ->
  • asks for biometric finger scan for banking point authentication ->
  • authentication successful ->
  • customer receives temporary mPIN ->
  • Customer can change mPIN through IVP or by dialing * 400 # or through Airtel Payments Bank section of My Airtel App

Q. Can a customer deposit money in another’s Airtel Payments bank account?

Ans. Yes, customers can deposit cash in another Airtel Payments bank account by visiting the nearest banking point.

Airtel Mitra Retailer Apply

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