CSC Self Help Group Online Registration, SHG Group Apply

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CSC Self Help Groups Online Registration, SHG Group Apply, CSC Self Help Group member registration

In India, by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, which we also know as Na Word, it was the first survey to establish a self-help group and established contact with the people and women in the village for the purpose. Self-help groups were set up in the village.

After the formation of self-help group, a small meeting was organized in the village and small amount of money was collected by the members of the self-help group and an account was opened in the name of self-help group in the bank where this amount was kept. Gaya and after that a large amount was withdrawn by the self-help group and used that money to establish self-employment.

What Is self help group?

Dear friends, here you are going to tell about self help groups, what are self help groups and what are the benefits of this and how can you register them, as we tell you that self help group village In or in towns or cities, self-help groups are run.

  • A self-help group is an educational group run by 10 to 20 members.
  • Its members regularly save some of their income.
  • Loans are made available to all members collectively assuming all conditions
  • All members decide collectively.
  • Are used individually and start small scale industries

self help group CSC Self Help Group

Benefits of self help group

  • Self-help groups provide loans to women to set up their own jobs.
  • Loans are also provided for animal husbandry under this scheme.
  • Goat rearing training is also provided to self-help group women operators under the Rajiv Gandhi Women Development Scheme.
  • Many types of small scale industries are opened under this scheme.
  • If you want to open a shop of your own, you can open it with its own money.
  • Self-help groups are easily available to the operators.
  • 10 to 15 women can form their own self-help groups in the village.
  • The main objective of self-help groups is to generate employment.
  • Women of self-help groups can also employ men to help their work, so that they will continue to get employment.
  • Here you can start sewing embroidery weaving in addition to fisheries etc. types of employment from self-help group

CSC self help group

These groups are playing a major role in promoting women empowerment across the country, in which women have played an increasing stake, with the help of these groups, all kinds of information related to schemes for developing and promoting self-employment in women, etc. Such self-help groups are given here under different names in every village and cities.

You can call these self-help groups or self-help groups, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has contributed to this in promoting the self-employment of women and small scale industries, and more and more self-help groups have been opened in villages and cities. Financial and financial assistance is given for


How to get membership in self help group

As friends, let us tell you that it is very easy to become a member of a self-help group or self-help group. You can become a member of self-help group in two ways, first online and second offline.

self help group member offline registration

Offline can also be a member of Self Help Group as we are called Self Help Group itself and this is a Hindi adaptation of this. There are many Self Help Groups in your village and towns which have already started in your village. Is done.
You can become a new member by contacting such women who are already connected in this group, by registering yourself in a self-help group, besides this self-help group is formed by a special person in your village such as a teacher’s village. Head or Anganwadi center operators, you can also contact them and add them to the offline self help group.

self help group member online registration

  • ou can register online to become a member of Self Help Group.
  • To register online, first of all you have to click on the link given below.⏪
  • After clicking on the link, you will directly go to the online registration page.
  • Where you will see a form, you have to read all the information sought in this form carefully.
  • And all the information in the application has to be filled in correctly.

SHG Group registration CSC Self Help Group

  • After successfully filling all the information, self-help group will be registered and you will be made an individual group, thus you can easily become a member of SHG group.


CSC Self Help Group

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