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Dear CSC Public Service Center Operators Let us tell you that all CSC Center Operators working within CSC are required to be members of their CSC vle society to sell any product through their Public Service Center, only then they can access it from their CSC portal Can order any product

The task of CSC VLE society is to send all the products inside its district to the address of its CSC VLE and also which product has been ordered from which CSC center and if any product turns out to be defective Or it has to be replaced, then it is the responsibility of the CSC vle society, that is why a CSC VLE society is created in all the districts.


How to become a member of CSC VLE society

If you also want to become a member of CSC VLE society, then for this you must first know the CSC vle society of your district, to know that you can take information from your district manager, District Manager will tell you that Who is handling the work of CSC vle society, as soon as you get this information, now you have to give some amount of it to become a member of CSC VLE society, which is taken from you annually to give this amount. After you make are added within CSC Vle Society and whenever you are calling any goods from CSC portal they directly come to the CSC Vle Society and CSC Vle Society deliver it to you .

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Benefits of becoming a member of CSC vle society |

By becoming a member of the CSC VLE society, you can purchase any product from inside the CSC store and get it delivered to your address or to your CSC center, as this facility is offered to the same CSC Public Service Center Operators who do their CSC vle at their distic level. The members of the society and that CSC VLE cannot avail this facility nor can they sell any product to themselves which is not a member of CSC vle society, so if you too any producer from CSC store T able manga myself to you members of the CSC Vle Society would like to sell essentials

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VLE society Offered Help Desk Executives

CSC VLE Common Service Center is going to give a great information of good news to the operator. CSC Common Service Center has started setting up CSC VLE Help Desk society in all its districts and henceforth CSC VLE society HELP DESK in all districts of all states A team will be formed with the help of all the CSC VLE working in that state, as it is heard that the HELPDESK toll free number of the Common Service Center is sometimes not found. CSC VLE does not get any information and VLE is unable to work at the Common Service Center or has difficulty in working, in such a situation, CSC has kept their Common Service Center operator in view of the problem at their district level.

CSC VLE society team has been formed which will provide all kinds of information to them by staying in their district and whatever problem is facing CSC VLE will solve that problem even if it is your laptop. If you do not have DIGIPAY software installed or installation of Morpho device or software installation of Kiosk or any Aadhaar related device is registered, almost all types of services are available to you from CSC VLE HELP DESK society The type of problems will be solved and CSC VLE will be able to provide good services to the customers. There are about 350000 CSCs working in the country. Below you are given contact details of CSC vle society help team. You can take suggestions about any problem from the VLE help desk team of your district and get your problem resolved.

What problems can CSC vle society solve?

  • CSC VLE help desk society team can get any software related to CSC in their laptop.
  • Through CSC vle society team, you can get information about new services coming in CSC.
  • You can learn about CSC Valley Society through CSC vle society team.
  • The CSC vle society team will give you all kinds of technical information.

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