Driving License Online Apply, DL apply With Kyc,License Online download

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Driving License Online Apply, DL apply With Kyc, Driving License Download, Driving License Print online, driving license Apply ekyc

Very good news has come out here for those who get a driving license sitting at home, if you also want to apply your Driving License Online at home, then this is an easy opportunity for you, you can make your driving license sitting at home now. And at the same time, you can take out this Driving License Print from your home and you will have your Digital Driving License with you.

The Government of India has now made the process of applying Driving License completely online, for this, you will no longer have to visit the RTO office frequently and in this you will also get rid of paying bribes to any government employee. Let us know. How to download and print your driving license


Driving License apply With Kyc,License Online download

Service Name Driving License Online Apply
Service Provider Transport Department
Beneficiary Indian citizen
Driving license applies and Print☑️ यहां क्लिक करें
Website यहां क्लिक करें

Driving Licence Apply prosses Step By STEP?


Driving Licence Apply Document

  • Aadhar Card
  • full address
  • mobile number
  • email id

dl Driving License Online Apply

Driving License Online Apply?

  • Go to the official website first.
  • After successfully opening the website, scroll down and click on the option of Driving Driver Learner License.
  • After this, another website will open in front of you, scroll down and select your state.
  • In Madhya Pradesh and a few selected states, the facility of creating a learner’s license through EKYC has started.
  • Select the state of Madhya Pradesh.
  • After this, click on Apply for Learner’s License, see the complete information about filling the application and click on the button of Continue.
  • After that select the Journal option and click on submit button.
  • After this, the application form will open in front of it, fill all the information in it and submit
  • Next after this, complete the payment and print the receipt.
  • Now your learner’s license application has been successfully filled.
  • If you do not understand how to apply, then watch the video below.

KYC Driving Learner License Apply Video

How To Online Print Driving License (Driving License Download)

  • To print your driving learning license first of all, you have to open the official website of the Transport Department.
  • You can go to the official website of the Transport Department by clicking on the link given below.
  • After the website opens completely, you will see a menu in the website in which you will see the option of print license details below which you have to click on.
  • After clicking, the first option will be written in front of you print learner licence, which you have to click on.
  • Now another page will open in front of you in which you just have to click on the process button.
  • After this, a new one will go in front of you, in which the application number of your application number and the date of birth will be asked from you.
  • You must have noted that while applying, you will have written the application number and your date of birth on which you have to put both here and click on the submit button.
  • After submitting, your name and your application number will be written in front of you and next to that you will see the option of print, you have to click on the option of print.
  • After clicking on the print option, a PDF will open in front of you, on which you will have your driving learning license from which you have to take the print out.
  • Note that you cannot download the learner’s license again after the learning license expires.

New Traffic Rules have been implemented: –

UP Government has recently made a big announcement for people who do not obey the rules and traffic rules of the road, due to which all those willing people will have to pay increased Penalties and Fines, which do not follow the rules of Traffic because the government has Penalties And Fines have been increased by 5 times so that you people will drive any vehicle with caution and caution and take care of all the traffic rules because if someone is caught doing this then a big Penalties And Fines will be imposed on him and along with the punishment Also ordered

How much Penalties and Fines will be taken if breaking the New Traffic Rules India: –

Recently, the Uttar Pradesh government had made some major changes in its Motor Vehicle Act in which it was announced that the provision to increase the amount of Penalties and Fines was announced when the new Traffic Rules were broken under the Motor Vehicle Act. Due to this, recently the government has issued a notification for this and has approved this new amendment and this law has come into force, in which how much penalty and fines will have to be filled if these rules are broken

Driving without license, driving at high speed, driving without seat belts, driving without helmet, driving by drinking or drunk, etc.

New Traffic Rules India will be fined for not accepting it

  • Penalties and Fines amounted to ₹ 100 on driving a two-wheeler without a driving license, but now it has been increased to ₹ 500.
  • Earlier, the amount of Penalties and Fines was kept at ₹ 1000 on light vehicles and this amount was ₹ 2000 for middle-class vehicles while driving in high speed, now this amount has been increased to 2000 and ₹ 4000 respectively.
  • Penalties and Fines of ₹ 100 used to be taken for driving without a Helmet or without (Belt), but now the amount of Penalties and Fines has been increased to ₹ 500.
  • It has been seen that people use mobiles while driving, seeing that earlier its Penalties and Fines amount was ₹ 100 but now it has been increased to ₹ 500.
  • Often people do not follow the New Traffic Rules and they (RED LIGHT) jump or take the vehicle from here and there are going to be heavy penalties and fines on such
  • people because first to cross the red light But the Penalties and Fines amount was ₹ 100, now it has been increased to ₹ 300.
  • It has often been seen that people go here by parking their bikes or cars where there is no parking aloud or people put a reverse-facing car so that other people have
  • problems getting out of it. Penalties And Fines amounted to ₹ 100 which has now been increased to ₹ 500
  • Due to the New Traffic Rules, if you make more noise in the vehicle or you put a noisy silencer or music system that bothers people, then you will have to pay Penalties and Fines on this, which was earlier ₹ 2000, now increase it ₹ 4000
  • Apart from this, if you do not give way to an ambulance or a fire extinguisher, then you can be charged up to ₹ 10000 (Penalties and Fines).
  • More about this source textSource text required for additional translation information

Driving License download

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