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Igrsup Gov In,IGRSUP Marriage Registration,IGRSUP Stamp Registration,IGRSUP UP,Igrs Portal,igrsup application status

IGRSUP:- Dear friends, the Government of Uttar Pradesh has operated this official website for you to keep the details of UP property and to register the marriage, if your property is anywhere or at any place in Uttar Pradesh, then its The details are on this official website of IGRSUP.gov.in.

The government has also operated this website for registering marriage, from here you can register immovable property, register marriage and all these certificates will be provided to you here absolutely free of cost.

Dear friends, if you also want to register marriage or want to register the details of your immovable property here or want to see its information, then for all such information, you can read our post from beginning to end here. We have told you about all these in detail in our detailed information.


Igrsup Gov In  portal important links

service name IGRSUP (Integrated Grievance Redressal System, UP)
authority Stamp And Registration Department Uttar Pradesh 
service launched by Government of Uttar Pradesh
Beneficiary All residents of Uttar Pradesh
Benefits of the plan Uttar Pradesh Property and Marriage Registration Services
Objective of the plan Providing all services online to citizens
official website igrsup.gov.in

IGRSUP Property & Marriage Registration?

Information about the documents of all immovable properties is available here by the Stamp and Registration Department of the Government of Uttar Pradesh. Specific information has been provided for

From here you can easily do the registration of marriage by the Stamp and Registration Department, Uttar Pradesh, along with it you also want to register your property or want to get the certificate of registered instrument from here or you are free or 12 years old. If you want to make a certificate, then the work of all such documents is done through this website.

IGRSUP Stamp Or  Land Registration Full Process?

The Uttar Pradesh Stamp and Registration Department IGRSUB mainly performs its work here under two Acts, first under the Indian Stamp Act 1899 and Registration Act 1908, the schemes are expressed here.
From here the details of the registry of land and the process of application for dismissal have been kept, after the registry of the land, all the documents are preserved here and the information of its information is also made available to the general public. You can get all this information.

IGRSUP Vivah Panjikaran IGRSUP


igrs, igrsup,bhulekh, etrain, uponline IGRSUP Registration 2021 Property Marriage should be possible online igrsup.gov.in UP Vivah Sampatti Panjikaran, application status and login subtleties are talked about here. IGRSUP Registration 2021 Property and marriage enlistment should be possible online through igrsup.gov.in. Hi Friends.! Today we have achieved you data the new assistance identified with Uttar Pradesh. IGRSUP Registration 2021 Online has been begun by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. Under which you will actually want to get the enlistment of property and marriage done without any problem. Many individuals will get advantage from the public authority. In such a circumstance, everyday citizens will actually want to exploit online office easily. On the off chance that you additionally register your property. Or then again have not had the option to complete the marriage enlistment yet. So complete it now


As per the Indian Stamp Act, the instruments additionally charge the recommended stamp obligation. Stamp obligation is a significant wellspring of income for the Government of Uttar Pradesh. The residents of Uttar Pradesh can likewise set up the actual papers through the site of IGRSUP and the application for the administrations accessible on the IGRSUP site by the overall population can likewise be paid through their closest open assistance habitats. Through this article, IGRSUP UP will give definite data pretty much every one of the administrations identified with property and marriage enrollment


The process of registering has been made easy here by the Uttar Pradesh Land Registration Department, from where you have made the process of registering easy by depositing the stamp duty of documents according to the Indian Stamp Act.

IGRSUP Marriage Registration IGRSUP


  • To register property on IGRSUP portal, first you have to go to its official website.

IGRSUP Firm Registration IGRSUP

  • Now you will see the option of property registration here on which you have to click.
  • When you register here for the first time, you will first have to create your account.
  • If you have ID and Password then you have to log in directly here.
  • After login, the application form for online property registration will appear.
  • Now you have to fill all your information in the application form here.
  • Here you have to enter your mobile number and email id.
  • Now you have to enter your property details here.
  • Select your land type details.
  • Select the building or property, then select the option of Next.
  • After this you have to select the subdivision of the property.
  • Now you have to calculate whatever stamp duty is there for the registration fee here.
  • After that you have to upload the required documents.
  • Now after uploading all the documents you have to add the details of two witnesses also here.
  • After preparing all the documents click on the save button.
  • Note that the option of save button will be activated only after you have successfully uploaded all the documents.
  • After this you have to pay stamp duty then you pay successfully.
  • After this you have to go to the sub-registration office with the receipt of registration and fee payment.
  • Now you will be verified there, all the documents will be checked, after which you will be verified.
  • If the application is rejected then it will reappear in your model, you have to recheck it and update it again.

IGRSUP Portal  Registration Service  List

1 To Know Your Sro.
2 Firm Registration.
3 Prohibited Property service.
4 Registration of Property.
5 To Get a Certified Copy
6 Encumbrance Search(EC).
7 E – Stamps.
8 Department Users service.
9 Stamp Vendors/ Franking services/ Notaries.
10 Market Value Search.
11 Society Registration.
12 Data on the Chit Fund.
13 Marriage Registration.
14 Uttar Pradesh Sale Deed, Bainama, Dastavej Online Property Registration Uttar Pradesh

IGRS-UP Online Marriage Registration.

  • To do IGRSUP Marriage Registration, the facility of filling the online form is available here, we are going to give you the details of how you have to apply.
  • To register a marriage, first you go to its official website by clicking on this link.


  • After successfully opening the website the marriage registration application will have to click above.
  • After this you have to click on the new application form fill.
  • Now the application form for marriage registration will appear in front of you.
  • After this you have to fill the marriage registration form successfully and after successfully filling the application details of husband and wife.
  • Now you have to give information about the place of marriage and registration office.
  • After successfully selecting the registration office you have to upload the required documents.
  • After filling the information successfully, the application has to be submitted.

Marriage Registration Verification On IGRSUP ?

  • To check the verification of IGRSUP Marriage Registration, first you have to open the official website.


  • After successfully opening the website, you have to click on the Marriage Registration Verification.
  • After clicking on it, you will get the page shown below.
  • Now you have to give certificate serial number or application number here.
  • After this you have to fill the date of marriage and captcha code.
  • After that click on the above view.
  • See that after clicking above, your IGRSUP Marriage Registration verification will be done.

Most 5 highlights that come in UP property enlistment are as per the following:-

  • ✔️ Online application structure office
  • ✔️ Nivesh Mitra page for mechanical property enrollment
  • ✔️ Service of Appointment for Property Registration
  • ✔️ Online property search office
  • ✔️ full property subtleties

Though assuming you need to complete the marriage enlistment. So you can likewise complete Aadhar based marriage enrollment. In this, through online medium, you can undoubtedly fill your application shape and submit it on the web. What’s more, with the assistance of Aadhar card number, you can likewise make it Aadhar based. In this, any recently hitched couple can enroll themselves. The expense for enlistment can likewise be paid on the web

Uttar Pradesh Stamp Rates are given underneath

  • ✔️ Type of Deed Stamp Duty Charges
  • ✔️ Sale deed 7%
  • ✔️ Lease deed 200 Rupees
  • ✔️ Gift deed 60 Rupees to 125 Rupees
  • ✔️ Will 200 Rupees
  • ✔️Unique Power of Attorney 100 Rupees
  • ✔️ General Power of Attorney 10 Rupees to 100 Rupees
  • ✔️ Notarial Act 10 Rupees
  • ✔️ Conveyance 60 Rupees to 125 Rupees
  • ✔️ Affidavit 10 Rupees
  • ✔️ Agreement 10 Rupees
  • ✔️ Bond 200 Rupees
  • ✔️ Divorce 50 Rupees
  • ✔️ Adoption 100 Rupees

apply Barah Sala certificate through IGRSUP portal?

barah sala IGRSUP

  • Now you have to click on Apply for making Twelve Year Certificate.
  • After that you have to click on filling new application form
  • Now you have to fill the details of the applicant.
  • After filling the details, the property details have to be filled.
  • After filling the character of the property, preview check is to be done.
  • And after filling all the information, you have to complete all the payment related process and successfully submit the application.

Online Verify and Download Load Barah Sala Certificate?


  • After successfully opening the website, clicking on above will verify the receipt of the certificate.
  • Now you have to fill your application number and date of application here.
  • After this you have to fill the captcha code and have received the certificate, click on the above view verification.
  • After this your twelve year certificate will appear in front of you.


  • You can also verify the eStamp of the Government of Uttar Pradesh through this website, for this you have to follow the following procedure.
  • First of all you go to this official website.


  • After successfully opening the website click on eStamp Verification.
  • Now you have to fill your eStamp information here and click on Verify.
  • After this your eStamp will be verified from here and you will see its information here.
  • This is how you can verify your eStamp from here.

IGRSU Portal Registration 2021

Motivation behind Uttar Pradesh IGRSUP Registration

With the assistance of this online gateway, normal residents will actually want to handily exploit the administrations of the Stamp and Registration Department.

  • ✔️ This will build straightforwardness between the public authority division and the residents.
  • ✔️ Through online medium, individuals can invest their important energy in some other work.
  • ✔️ The line for enrollment in the public authority office will likewise be diminished.
  • ✔️ Citizens can without much of a stretch fill the application structure for enlistment sitting at home

UP Sampati Panjikaran Documents Required – Uttar Pradesh Property Registration Documents

  • ✔️ Applicant’s lasting occupant testament from Uttar Pradesh
  • ✔️ Certificate of home
  • ✔️Voter Card
  • ✔️Mobile number
  • ✔️Email Id
  • ✔️ Identity card of residents related with the deal or acquisition of property
  • ✔️ Identity Cards of Witnesses
  • ✔️ identification size photograph
  • ✔️ duplicate of utilization
  • ✔️ versatile number
  • ✔️ Property/land related archives

IGRSUP Marriage Registration required Documents – Uttar Pradesh Marriage Registration Documents

  • ✔️ For the application, the candidate should be a lasting occupant of Uttar Pradesh.
  • ✔️ It is required to connect Aadhar card, elector card or other ID evidence for ID
  • ✔️ Electricity bill or phone bill can be given for home endorsement.
  • ✔️ joint photograph of couple
  • ✔️ pass port size photograph
  • ✔️ age endorsement
  • ✔️ Identity Cards of Witnesses
  • ✔️ Marriage Affidavit of Husband and Wife ( Invitation Card from both side )
  • ✔️Vivah Card
  • ✔️Vivah Guranter

IGRSUP Boards Registration List

  • ✔️ Agra
  • ✔️ Allahabad
  • ✔️ Bareilly
  • ✔️ Jhansi
  • ✔️ Azamgarh
  • ✔️ Faizapur
  • ✔️ Kanpur
  • ✔️ Meerut
  • ✔️ Chitrakoot
  • ✔️ Lucknow
  • ✔️ Sitapur
  • ✔️ colony
  • ✔️ Moradabad
  • ✔️ Saharanpur
  • ✔️ mirzapur
  • ✔️ Varanasi
  • ✔️ Devipatan Model
  • ✔️ Prayagraj
  • ✔️ Gautam Buddha Nagar
  • ✔️ Gorakhpur
  • ✔️ Aligarh etc.

UP Stamp duty charges?

Stamp obligation is a significant wellspring of income for the Uttar Pradesh government. We list the current stamp obligation rates for different exchanges in UP

No All Deed type Stamp duty charge List
1 Sale deed 7%
2 Gift deed Rs 60 to Rs 125
3 Lease deed Rs 200
4 Will Rs 200
5 General power of attorney Rs 10 to Rs 100
6 Special power of attorney Rs 100
7 Conveyance Rs 60 to Rs 125
8 Notarial act Rs 10
9 Affidavit Rs 10
10 Agreement Rs 10
11 Adoption Rs 100
12 Divorce Rs 50
13 Bond Rs 200

For Property and Marriage Registration 2021, the candidate needed to put a hold on from his work and go to Tehsil or other government division. Which made certain to be an exercise in futility. Yet, presently you don’t have to go anyplace. You can make your application at home with the assistance of your cell phone or PC. PM Shri Narendra Modi’s mission. Enabling India. Making Digital India. In such a circumstance, this online assistance of the Government of Uttar Pradesh is likewise identified with something similar. Is.

✔️ UP Lekhpal Bharti 2021

✔️ igrsup.gov.in Registration 2021

Practically everything has been taken over by the Department, Stamp and Registration Department identified with this help. On the online site, you will get all the data identified with property enrollment and marriage enlistment. We will give you the information on different administrations accessible here in our article. The stamp obligation for instruments under the Indian Stamp Act is as of now endorsed by the office. Which you need to fill during enlistment

The following types of registration facilities are available on IGRSUP.gov.in.

On this website of the state government, you can register your property by providing five types of information by the Stamp and Property Registration Department.

  • Facility of registration by applying online.
  • Enter the details of Industrial Property Registration.
  • Facility of appointment of online registration of your property.
  • View full details of the property.
  • Facility to search property details online.

igrsup application status?

  • To check the application status on the IGRS portal, first of all visit the official website.
  • After successfully opening the website, click on the button to check the application status.
  • After this another page will open in front of you.
  • Now application number will be asked from you here, you have to fill the application number in this page.
  • And enter the captcha code.
  • After successfully filling the captcha code, click on the button to check application status.
  • Now the status of your application will appear in front of you.
  • If your application has become unique then you can download your certificate from here.


Q- What is Igrsup?

Ans- IGRSUP : IGRSUP (Integrated complaint redressal framework, UP) has been dispatched by the Uttar Pradesh government. It is a data entry of the stamp and enrollment division of UP government to give the property enlistment and the possession subtleties for any sort of property in any spot of Uttar Pradesh etrain, etrain, etrain etrain, etrain, etrain, etrain, etrain, etrain, etrain

Q2- How would I check my library on the web?

  • Ans- View/Download the UP Plot Registry Online @ igrsup.gov.in
  • It then, at that point shows the accompanying page underneath.
  • Select the जनपद (District) structure the drop-down.
  • Enter the सम्पत्ति का पता (Address of the Property).
  • Select the तहसील/निबन्धन कार्यालय (Tahashil Nibandhan Kaaryaalay).
  • Select the मोहल्ला/गाँव (Mohalla or Gaavm/Village)

Q3-How to check home library online Uttar Pradesh?

Ans- The most effective method to check khasra number in UP ?

  1. Login to Bhulekh UP.
  2. Select Khatauni Ki Nakal Dekhin on the landing page.
  3. Enter the town, tehsil, and region. Additionally enter the manual human test code.
  4. Select inquiry by khasara number and snap on submit. The land subtleties will be shown

Q4-What is the pace of library in UP?

Ans The enlistment charge for the property records is 1% of the worth of the property, subject to a limit of Rs 30,000

Q-5 How might I know the proprietor of a plot in UP?

Ans- How might I check the name of the landowner? To check the landowner’s name, you need to open the authority entry and afterward enter your tehsil, town, region and know the subtleties of the land,uponline uponline, uponline, uponline, uponline, uponline, uponline, uponline, uponline, uponline, uponline

bhulekh, bhulekh, bhulekh, bhulekh, bhulekh, bhulekh, bhulekh, bhulekh, igrs, igrs, igrs, igrs, igrs, igrs, igrs, igrs, igrs, igrs, igrs

Q-6 How might I change my property use in Uttar Pradesh?

Ans :- Land change: What records do you require?

  • Personality confirmation.
  • Deal deed.
  • RTC (record of rights, occupancy and yields)
  • Parcel deed (on the off chance that the land has been acquired)
  • Change reports.
  • Overview map.
  • Receipt of installment of land income, and so on


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