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Dear consumer, as you know, if you use Morpho fingerprint device, then you face many types of problems in it, then we are going to give you complete information about how to solve them.


Morpho driver download | morpho rd service check

Service Name Morpho Device Problem Fix
Morpho driver Download Click Here
morpho rd service check Click Here
Morpho RD Service BUY Click Here✔
Pm Kisan ekyc Morpho Driver Click Here
Friends, as you would know that now you have to keep RD Service active to keep any of your finger print devices running. Only then all KYC is completed from your biometric machine, you have to register RD service for all these devices. Morpho Rd Service, Mantra Rd Service, Cogent 200 Rd Service, Startec FM220 Rd Service Apart from this, you have to register for this service for all other devices.

What is RD Service?

Aadhar UIDAI has started a new process of RD service and friends, if your finger print device is not registered with RD service, then you will not be able to do any work with it, even if you want to do “SIM work” even if it gives you “CSC”. If you have to work on “eKYC” or “AEPS” or you have to take advantage of any such service which runs through fingerprint biometric then you will not be able to complete it.

Friends, you have to do one thing for this. That you have to first register your finger print device for “RD Service” and only after registering the RD software, you can register your finger print device for any other device.
You can use “eKYC” for work.

RD Service Register?

Friends, whether you want to use it in your Android mobile or you have to use it in your laptop, you will be able to do it very easily, then today we are going to tell you in this post that how you should use your finger print device as RD Service Registration And where will you get this software driver and how much money will you have to spend for this and by visiting which website you will have to do all that process, we are going to tell you here, so you must follow this post from beginning to last. read |

RD Service Registration Process ?

Friends, if you have any of these finger print devices, then you can register for it online for RD software, we are going to tell you the names of finger print devices below, which we have given links to RD software here. If you have kept, then you go to these links and install the RD software and install those drivers and then whatever you are, you will be able to do all the work that you were doing earlier through those finger print devices.

Click here to make Ayushman Bharat Golden Card.
Click here to get CSC Jan Seva Kendra.
Click here to know the status of Ujjwala Yojana Gas Connection.
Click here to see Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana List.
Click here to check your name in Ayushman Bharat list.

MORPHO E all series

Friends, if you have any of these devices and you are using these finger print devices which have become active due to RD software, then you can install RD software from the link given below and You can activate it by clicking on the link given below.

RD Software Registered Without CSC

Brothers who do not have CSC and want to register for Rd software, then they can easily register for it, for this they will have to pay some charge which will come around 300 to ₹ 400 and that will cost you. You have to pay online, for this I am giving you the link of a website below, you have to go to this website and first you have to register yourself, after that you have to register your finger print device, enter the serial number of the device. After you have to pay for it, after making the payment, drivers will come in front of you, then you have to download these drivers and install them in your mobile and computer, after that you will be able to take advantage of all the services and your finger print device again. will be activated.

Morpho driver download Kaise Karen

To download Morpho RD Service Driver we have given you below all types of Morpho Fingerprint Driver link you have to download your fingerprint driver there after that you have to install them in your mobile or in your laptop computer after that you can use them

 Morpho_RD Service zip  DOWNLOAD
Morpho driver download  DOWNLOAD
 RD Service Installation Manual  DOWNLOAD
 Morpho SCL Safran (For Android )  DOWNLOAD

Morpho rd service check?

To check Morpho RD service, first of all follow the procedure given below and check your Morpho RD service.

morpho morpho driver

  • Now you have to enter the serial number of Morpho device to check your RD service here.
  • Enter the 11 digit serial number written on the back of your Morpho device.

inter morpho driver

  • After entering the serial number click on the button to check morpho device status.
  • Now you will see the status of your Morpho device at the bottom.
  • You will be told here for how many years your fingerprint device has been registered or has expired

Morpho rd service registration?

Below is the complete procedure for you to register Morpho RD service. You can register your Morpho fingerprint device for RD service by following the steps mentioned below.

  • To register Morpho Device RD service, first of all visit the official website.
  • Before registering Morpho Device RD service, you must check the status of your device once.
  • After checking RD service, click on Register/Renew Morpho Rd Service
  • Now you click on Buy Morpho RD Service.
  • Now you have to enter the serial number of your device here.
  • After entering the serial number of the device, select the model number of the device.
  • After checking the model number, click on Add To Cart.
  • Once the Add To Cart is completed, create your account on the website of Morpho RD Service.
  • After creating an account, login to your account.
  • After login the account with Morpho RD Service, fill your address and all your details.
  • After Successfully Filling the Details Pay the Registration Fee of Morpho RD Service.
  • Once the Morpho RD service registration fee is deposited, you will receive the message and your Morpho
  • fingerprint device RD service will be successfully registered.

Morpho RD Service registration video?

If you are not able to register morpho fingerprint device due to any problem then you can register your fingerprint device RD service by watching the video below

Problems encountered in Morpho fingerprint devices.

  • Fingerprint Device not connected
  • Fingerprint Device RD service not activate
  • Morpho fingerprint device software problem
  • Morpho fingerprint device 370 Error
  • Morpho fingerprint device 730 error
  • Morpho fingerprint device Light not working etc.

The solutions to all the problems of finger print devices are solved in different ways like in a fingerprint device you may face two types of problems: a software problem and a hardware problem.

morpho morpho driver

Morpho Finger print device hardware problems and their solutions.

If you have a hardware problem in the Morpho fingerprint device, such as if your fingerprint device USB has been disconnected from somewhere, then it comes in your hardware problem and to resolve this you should leave your device within warranty You can send it to the company but if your fingerprint device warranty has expired then you can contact it in your local market Can also correct the minor charge giving you can Solv USB cable or a hardware problem related problem

Problems encountered in Morpho fingerprint device software and how to solve them.

If you see any software related problem in the Morpho fingerprint device, such as your fingerprint device is giving an error code when connected to mobile or computer, then you can solve it in this way.

Here we are going to tell you the solution of the Morpho 730 error coming in the mobile software so that you can avoid this kind of problem.

morpho fingerprint device

And apart from this, there are many types of problems in your fingerprint device, which are easily solved by the solution described here.

  • Friends, to solve this problem, you have to go to your mobile application settings as shown through the picture below.

rd service morpho fingerprint device

So friends as you can see through the photo that you have to go to your application settings and there you have to open Morpho software and clear its data and after that your problem will be finished but if you still have problems If it comes, then you adopt another method.

If your problem is not solved in the manner mentioned above, then you have to uninstall your mobile Morpho SCL software and install the old software, whose link we are giving you below.

Morpho SCL Old 

Morpho Driver Mobile

By downloading this application from here and installing it in your mobile, you will once again refresh the RD service and your application will start working. If you still have any problem then tell us in the comment box below, we will solve it soon. Will search and inform you.

Morpho rd service registration?

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